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Week 8 Double Starters

Week 8 Double Starters
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Yu Darvish, TEX

Each and every Thursday throughout the season, the following week’s double start options will be listed below. They are listed in the order of my own personal preference and how they would be used in my own lineups.

The top tier of guys should be in your lineup regardless of who they are pitching against. You drafted them to be the core of your rotation, and they need to pitch for you. Occasionally, starters with terrific matchups in both starts will find their way into this group.

In deeper mixed leagues, the second tier of guys should most likely find a place in your rotation as well. In shallower leagues, perhaps you could play the matchups with this group.

The bottom tier of pitchers listed should be on your bench or started with extreme caution. Don’t say that you or your ratios weren’t given proper warning.

Disclaimer: Many things can change between Thursday and Monday, including rainouts, injuries, juggling of rotations, etc. This information has been provided to the best of my knowledge and ability as of Thursday afternoon.

Start your Aces

Yu Darvish: @ Mariners (Hernandez), vs. Blue Jays (Drabek)

C.J. Wilson: @ Athletics (McCarthy), @ Mariners (Noesi)

Felix Hernandez: vs. Rangers (Darvish), vs. Angels (Williams)

Gio Gonzalez: @ Phillies (Kendrick), @ Braves (Minor)

Roy Halladay: vs. Nationals (Zimmermann), @ Cardinals (Wainwright)

Madison Bumgarner: @ Brewers (Wolf), @ Marlins (Buehrle)

Matt Cain: @ Brewers (Marcum), @ Marlins (Nolasco)

Brandon Beachy: @ Reds (Latos), vs. Nationals (Gonzalez)

Jerome Williams: @ Athletics (Milone), @ Mariners (Hernandez)

Johan Santana: @ Pirates (Bedard), vs. Padres (Richard)

Matt Garza: @ Astros (Norris), @ Pirates (Bedard)

Mat Latos: vs. Braves (Beachy), vs. Rockies (Moyer)

Jaime Garcia: vs. Padres (Richard), vs. Phillies (Kendrick)

Adam Wainwright: vs. Padres (Volquez), vs. Phillies (Halladay)

Play the Matchups

Felipe Paulino: @ Yankees (Kuroda), @ Orioles (Hunter)

Bud Norris: vs. Cubs (Garza), @ Dodgers (Capuano)

Hiroki Kuroda: vs. Royals (Paulino), @ Athletics (Milone)

Kyle Kendrick: vs. Nationals (Gonzalez), @ Cardinals (Garcia)

Chris Capuano: @ Diamondbacks (Corbin), vs. Astros (Norris)

Jeremy Hellickson: vs. Blue Jays (Drabek), @ Red Sox (Buchholz)

R.A. Dickey: @ Pirates (McDonald), vs. Padres (Volquez)

Tom Milone: vs. Angels (Williams), vs. Yankees (Kuroda)

Ricky Nolasco: vs. Rockies (Nicasio), vs. Giants (Cain)

Gavin Floyd: vs. Twins (Blackburn), vs. Indians (Jimenez)

Erik Bedard: vs. Mets (Santana), vs. Cubs (Garza)

Mark Buehrle: vs. Rockies (Moyer), vs. Giants (Bumgarner)

Ubaldo Jimenez: vs. Tigers (Porcello), @ White Sox (Floyd)

Edinson Volquez: @ Cardinals (Wainwright), @ Mets (Dickey)

Hector Noesi: vs. Rangers (Harrison), vs. Angels (Wilson)

Rick Porcello: @ Indians (Jimenez), @ Twins (Blackburn)

On the Pine

Clay Buchholz: @ Orioles (Hunter), vs. Rays (Hellickson)

Patrick Corbin: vs. Dodgers (Capuano), vs. Brewers (Wolf)

Jamie Moyer: @ Marlins (Buehrle), @ Reds (Latos)

Mike Leake: vs. Braves (Minor), vs. Rockies (Friedrich)

Kyle Drabek: @ Rays (Hellickson), @ Rangers (Darvish)

Mike Minor: @ Reds (Leake), vs. Nationals (Strasburg)

Randy Wolf: vs. Giants (Bumgarner), @ Diamondbacks (Corbin)

Tommy Hunter: vs. Red Sox (Buchholz), vs. Royals (Paulino)

Clayton Richard: @ Cardinals (Garcia), @ Mets (Santana)

Nick Blackburn: @ White Sox (Floyd), vs. Tigers (Porcello)


Yu Darvish has absolutely lived up to the massive hype so far, and has looked extremely impressive. He’s a good bet to pick up at least one win and 15+ strikeouts on the week.

Clay Buchholz has been wildly inconsistent on the young season and makes for a risky play against two solid offenses.

Hiroki Kuroda has also struggled to find consistency thus far as a Yankee, but with two solid matchups he’s likely to pick up a victory this week.

Kyle Drabek will eventually become a dominating pitcher in this league, but that doesn’t mean you need to get crazy and start him in Arlington.

Ubaldo Jimenez still doesn’t look like the pitcher he was in Colorado, but he’s likely to pick up a victory and 10+ strikeouts this week.

Felipe Paulino has been extremely impressive in his first three starts, and needs to be owned and active in all formats this week.

Nick Blackburn has been terrible on the season and shouldn’t be started in any league at this point.

Jerome Williams has picked up right where he left off at the end of 2011, and been a stabilizing presence at the back of the Angels rotation. He gets two dream matchups this week and needs to be started in all leagues.

Hector Noesi has been prone to the blow-up, but he makes two starts at SafeCo this week and could be worth a look in deeper leagues.

Mike Minor has been to inconsistent for my tastes, and there’s worry about a potential blow up occurring in Cincinnati.

Ricky Nolasco has been knocked around a bit his last few starts, but if you can’t play him at home for two solid matchups, then he shouldn’t be on your roster.

Johan Santana has impressed in the early going, with his health being his biggest attribute. With two weak offenses on the take this week, he needs to be active in all formats.

Gio Gonzalez has been dominating opposing offenses since moving to the National League and is racking up strikeouts at an alarming rate. With two solid matchups this week, he’s one of the top plays on the board.

One solid start for Mike Leake doesn’t inspire enough confidence to trust him for two this week.

Jaime Garcia and Adam Wainwright each draw two solid matchups at home, and with the strong backing of the Cardinals offense should be started everywhere.

The ageless wonder, Jamie Moyer isn’t a consideration usually, but especially so with two tough matchups on the road.

Never start Clayton Richard away from PetCo. Never.

If you have any rotation related questions that you would like answered, just leave them in the comments below or message me on Twitter @DaveShovein and I’d be more than happy to lend my opinion!


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