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Week 7 Double Starters

Week 7 Double Starters
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Jake Peavy, SP, Chicago White Sox

Week 7 Double Starters (May 14th – May 20th)

Interleague play begins!! While many oppose the practice of playing between leagues, it does allow the schedule to line up perfectly and each team to play seven games next week.

This means that there are a plethora of double starters likely available on your waiver wire for those who are behind in wins and strikeouts and looking to make up ground. Check out the notes after the listing for a few highlighted options who could help out in a big way.

Each and every Thursday throughout the season, the following week’s double start options will be listed below. They are listed in the order of my own personal preference and how they would be used in my own lineups.

The top tier of guys should be in your lineup regardless of who they are pitching against. You drafted them to be the core of your rotation, and they need to pitch for you. Occasionally, starters with terrific matchups in both starts will find their way into this group.

In deeper mixed leagues, the second tier of guys should most likely find a place in your rotation as well. In shallower leagues, perhaps you could play the matchups with this group.

The bottom tier of pitchers listed should be on your bench or started with extreme caution. Don’t say that you or your ratios weren’t given proper warning.

Disclaimer: Many things can change between Thursday and Monday, including rainouts, injuries, juggling of rotations, etc. This information has been provided to the best of my knowledge and ability as of Thursday afternoon.

Start your Aces

Jake Peavy: vs. Tigers (Scherzer), at Cubs (Maholm)

Anibal Sanchez: vs. Pirates (Bedard/Lincoln), at Indians (Gomez)

Zack Greinke: at Mets (Gee), vs. Twins (Marquis)

Stephen Strasburg: vs. Padres (Bass), vs. Orioles (Chen)

Jon Lester: vs. Mariners (Millwood), at Phillies (Blanton)

David Price: at Blue Jays (Alvarez), vs. Braves (Hudson)

Clayton Kershaw: at Diamondbacks (Kennedy), vs. Cardinals (Westbrook)

Brandon Morrow: vs. Rays (Niemann), vs. Mets (Batista)

Cliff Lee: vs. Astros (A. Rodriguez/Lyles), vs. Red Sox (Beckett)

Yovani Gallardo: at Mets (Batista), vs. Twins (Pavano)

Ryan Dempster: at Cardinals (Westbrook), vs. White Sox (Danks)

Ross Detwiler: vs. Padres (Stauffer?), vs. Orioles (Arrieta)

Dan Haren: vs. Athletics (Ross), at Padres (Stauffer?)

Colby Lewis: vs. Royals (Chen), at Astros (Harrell)

Johnny Cueto: at Braves (Hudson), at Yankees (Phelps)

Ian Kennedy: at Dodgers (Kershaw), at Royals (Chen)

Ervin Santana: vs. Athletics (Colon), at Padres (Bass)

Josh Johnson: vs. Pirates (Correia), at Indians (Lowe)

Ryan Vogelsong vs. Rockies (White), vs. Athletics (Ross)

Play the Matchups

Josh Beckett: vs. Mariners (Vargas), at Phillies (Lee)

Drew Smyly: at White Sox (Danks), vs. Pirates (Bedard/Lincoln)

Derek Holland: vs. Royals (Mendoza), at Astros (A.Rodriguez/Lyles)

Anthony Bass: at Nationals (Strasburg), vs. Angels (Santana)

Erik Bedard/Brad Lincoln: at Miami (Sanchez), at Detroit (Smyly)

Bartolo Colon: at Angels (Santana), at Giants (Lincecum)

Jeanmar Gomez: at Twins (Pavano), vs. Marlins (Sanchez)

Wei-Yin Chen: vs. Yankees (Phelps), at Nationals (Strasburg)

Chad Billingsley: vs. Diamondbacks (Miley), vs. Cardinals (Lohse)

Ivan Nova: at Orioles (Arrieta), vs. Reds (Bailey)

Max Scherzer: at White Sox (Peavy), vs. Pirates (Correia)

Randall Delgado: vs. Reds (Bailey), at Rays (Niemann)

Kyle Lohse: vs. Cubs (Maholm), at Dodgers (Billingsley)

Henderson Alvarez: vs. Rays (Price), vs. Mets (Gee)

Tim Hudson: vs. Reds (Cueto), at Rays (Price)

Joe Blanton: vs. Astros (Harrell), vs. Red Sox (Lester)

Jake Westbrook: vs. Cubs (Dempster), at Dodgers (Kershaw)

Derek Lowe: at Twins (Marquis), vs. Marlins (Johnson)

Wade Miley: at Dodgers (Billingsley), at Royals (Mendoza)

David Phelps: at Orioles (Chen), vs. Reds (Cueto)

Kevin Correia: at Miami (Johnson), at Detroit (Scherzer)

Christian Friedrich: at Giants (Lincecum), vs. Mariners (Vargas)

Tim Stauffer: at Nationals (Detwiler), vs. Angels (Haren)

On the Pine

Jeff Niemann: at Blue Jays (Morrow), vs. Braves (Delgado)

John Danks: vs. Tigers (Smyly), at Cubs (Dempster)

Jason Vargas: at Red Sox (Beckett), at Rockies (Friedrich)

Dillon Gee: vs. Brewers (Greinke), at Blue Jays (Alvarez)

Paul Maholm: at Cardinals (Lohse), vs. White Sox (Peavy)

Lucas Harrell: at Phillies (Blanton), vs. Rangers (Feliz)

Carl Pavano: vs. Indians (Gomez), at Brewers (Gallardo)

Jake Arrieta: vs. Yankees (Nova), at Nationals (Detwiler)

Alex White: at Giants (Vogelsong), vs. Mariners (Millwood)

Jason Marquis: vs. Indians (Lowe), at Brewers (Greinke)

Aneury Rodriguez/Jordan Lyles: at Phillies (Lee), vs. Rangers (Holland)

Homer Bailey: at Braves (Delgado), at Yankees (Nova)

Kevin Millwood: at Red Sox (Lester), at Rockies (White)

Tyson Ross: at Angels (Haren), at Giants (Vogelsong)

Bruce Chen: at Rangers (Lewis), vs. Diamondbacks (Kennedy)

Luis Mendoza at Rangers (Holland), vs. Diamondbacks (Miley)

Miguel Batista: vs. Brewers (Gallardo), at Blue Jays (Morrow)


After struggling a bit to start the season, Jon Lester has pitched much better of late and gets two good matchups this week. He has a chance to win twice with 14+ K’s and needs to be started in all formats.

All Ivan Nova does is win games, and matched up against two mediocre starting pitchers he’ll have the opportunity to do just that.

David Phelps has pitched well in his first two starts, and provided he stays in the Yankees rotation over Phil Hughes, he makes for a decent spot play this week.

Brandon Morrow has regained his form and strikeout punch in his last two starts, and is a must play this week.

While he isn’t quite as good as the vintage San Diego version, Jake Peavy has been extremely impressive in the early going and is a must start until further notice.

Jeanmar Gomez could be a popular streaming option with a couple of solid matchups.

As painful as it is to recommend Derek Lowe, he’s pitching well and has two solid matchups upcoming. He’s not going to strike anyone out, but should pick up a victory this week.

It’s also time we took notice of how good Drew Smyly has been for the Tigers this year. He deserves to be owned and started in all formats at this point.

Luis Mendoza is likely to get the call to fill in for Jonathan Sanchez, but would be best left on the waiver wire.

Dan Haren has been extremely inconsistent, but you drafted him to be your ace and can’t sit him against the Athletics and Padres.

Similar to Haren, Ervin Santana has struggled big time this season, though righted the ship somewhat with his most recent outing. He’s a streaky pitcher and should be able to post two solid outings against weak offenses this week.

Kevin Millwood shouldn’t be in your lineup for his good matchups, and if you consider playing him at Fenway and at Coors, you don’t really care about your season.

Pay close attention to what the Rangers decide to do with their rotation. They may opt to have Scott Feldman pitch on Monday and push everyone else back a day.

Randall Delgado makes for a nice matchup play this week. He’s pitched much better of late, has two decent matchups and the backing of a strong offense.

Anibal Sanchez has been dominating everyone he’s faced this season, and that should continue this week. He may be the best play of the week.

Cliff Lee looked like himself in his first start back from the DL, and needs to be started in all leagues again this week.

Ross Detwiler has pitched like an ace this season, and gets two good matchups at home. If the rest of the owners in your league are still asleep, pick him up now and make sure he’s active this week.

The same can be said for Ryan Dempster who has been fantastic in the early going and needs to be an every week play in all leagues.

With as bad as Homer Bailey has pitched this year, he may not last the week in the rotation going up against the likes of the Braves and Yankees on the road.

Johnny Cueto draws two tough matchups, but with as lights-out as he’s been he needs to remain in your lineup.

Either Aneury Rodriguez or Jordan Lyles will start for the Astros on Tuesday and potentially double this week. They each seem like a risky play at this point, and neither is guaranteed to pitch twice, even if throwing on Tuesday.

Zack Greinke is absolutely dominant at home, and that Sunday start against the Twins looks like the best play of the week.

There is no word yet on the severity of Erik Bedard’s injury. If he makes his next start, he’s lined up for a solid two this week. If not, expect Brad Lincoln so step in, and might be worth a spot play if Bedard is in fact DL’d.

As bad as he was in his most recent outing, you just can’t afford to sit Ian Kennedy for his two-step.

Wade Miley is surely worth a look this week, as he gets to throw at two pitchers parks against average-below average opponents. He should win at least one game and strikeout 10+ on the week.

Things are a mess in the Colorado rotation right now, and to the best of my knowledge it appears that Alex White and Christian Friedrich will double this week. Make sure you have firm rotation news ensuring that they’re pitching before taking the plunge.

Tim Stauffer may return to the Padres rotation and pitch on Monday, but this has not been confirmed or verified yet.

Ryan Vogelsong has been pitching very well of late and gets two weak pitching opponents. He needs to be active in all formats this week.

If you have any rotation related questions that you would like answered, just leave them in the comments below or message me on Twitter @DaveShovein and I’d be more than happy to lend my opinion!


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