February 25, 2013 posted by Patrick DiCaprio

Updated Fantasy Draft Rankings February 25

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Here are the latest rankings. A few notes:

-I do not change rankings at all based on Spring Training performance unless it may change playing time. Spring Training stats do not matter at all. But how managers make decisions matters.

-We do not over-react to news. Scouts may say Joe Blow looks great after his appearance in a game, and the manager may say he has a shot at starting, but there are usually/often unknowable psychological or motivational factors that explain these comments.

-The comments at the top of the rankings should be heeded when assessing why and how we have a player where he is.

-Hit me up on twitter @pdicaprioFP911 with comments or if you want a google docs or excel version.

-Since we do them almost daily, they are meant to reflect how you should draft that day. As an example, if you are drafting tonight, are you drafting Ryan Madson?



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