January 12, 2012 posted by Paul Greco

Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions For Fantasy Players

Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions For Fantasy Players
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Happy 2012 everybody! Welcome to  This is a great site filled with wonderful people who can explain things with charts, graphs and formulas filled with funny-sounding acronyms.

Since it is the time for Resolutions, I thought it would be fun to take the Top 10 Resolutions that people make each year and find their fantasy baseball equivalent. Good luck in sticking to your vows this year and may it lead to a more fulfilled life and a championship roto season.

10. Get Organized

Congratulations – you’re well on your to solving this one in fantasy. Bookmark this site and we will do all of the work for you. From dollar values to sleepers and busts to overall draft strategy – this is one stop shopping for you from an organization standpoint. Who knew keeping a vow would be this easy?

9. Help Others

Well, so much for easy. However, you can always help others in your league by offering to trade your sixth outfielder, the one hitting ..520 in April, after you picked him up for a buck. You can further help your fellow man by taking that underperforming third-round pick off his hands.

8. Learn Something New

The only way you can do this is first to admit to yourself that you don’t know everything. Recognize that BABIP, FIP and WPA/LI can be your friends and can help you to enjoy both real baseball and fantasy even more. Before you jump on that player bandwagon, recognize that he’s unlikely to duplicate last year’s .396 BABIP which will result in lower numbers across the board.

7. Get Out of Debt

The quickest way to debt in fantasy baseball is to spend too much on rookie pitchers. I know that you are thinking that hot new rookie is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

6. Quit Drinking

When you’re at the ballpark, they send vendors by every 20 seconds trying to sell you beer. When you’re watching at home, a beer commercial comes on every inning. When you flip through your favorite baseball magazine, there are countless beer and liquor ads. Now, that’s a lot of pressure. But whatever you do – don’t drink during your fantasy draft! It’s not going to help you make better picks, honest. Let people tease you on draft day for drinking bottled water. You will be able to mock them the rest of the year for their lousy team.

5. Enjoy Life More

Everything else being equal, pick players you like. Now, this is not a free pass to draft all the guys from the home team. But it does mean that if you are picking between two otherwise attractive choices, take the one you like more. You will have more fun with a fantasy team filled with guys you like. There’s nothing worse than having your first-round pick being from the team you hate in real life. If you’re a Rangers fan, there’s no reason to draft Albert Pujols when Miguel Cabrera or Jose Reyes are perfectly fine picks instead.

4. Quit Smoking

Hitting the crack pipe is never a good idea. And neither is coming up with some off the wall strategy just to be different from everyone else. Don’t try cornering the market on pitchers by drafting a SP on the first five rounds. Just because an idea is new or exciting doesn’t make it a good one. After all, someone once thought adding baking soda to cocaine would produce good results, too.

3. Tame the Bulge

Everyone wants to lose weight and everyone swears this is the year they won’t overpay for HRs. Instead we have a nation of obese people and fantasy players who think drafting Josh Hanilton in the first round is the way to success. Ordering a Diet Coke doesn’t make it a healthy meal and punting two categories is no way to a healthy offense. Good nutrition requires a balanced diet and a good offense is well represented in all five scoring categories. And Ryan Howard is kind of fat, too.

2. Fit in Fitness

There’s no point vowing to go to the gym because we all know you won’t do it for more than a week or two, anyway. It’s better to build in practical routines, like taking the stairs at work instead of the elevator or walking the two blocks to the post office instead of taking the car. In fantasy, going to the gym is like drafting Michael Bourn for SB. It could work but we all know you’re going to stop using him after watching him go 3-40 over a two-week period. Find practical ways to get steals combined over a bunch of players that you’ll actually use. Taking the stairs and drafting 15-20 SB guys both add up.

1. Spend More Time With Family & Friends

Isn’t spending time with these groups the reason you started drinking in the first place? Anyway, I’ve had Albert Pujols in my keeper league since 2005 – I consider him part of my family and he’s been around longer than my children and most of my nieces and nephews, too. And as long as you’re going to spend lots of time with your fantasy teams, you might as well know their strengths and weaknesses. It will help focus you in drafting and trading and lead to a stronger team for you.

Paul finished the 2011-2012 Fantasy Football season as the #1 Weekly Rankings & Projections winner of the 411Fantasy Expert Challenge. He also finished 2nd in the Expert Draft Accuracy Challenge in 2011. Top 10 Finisher in the FSWA Fantasy Football Draft Projections. Paul is also apart of baseballs elite as a member of Tout Wars. You can follow me on Twitter @PaulGreco

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