December 25, 2011 posted by Paul Greco

The Ten Commandments of Fantasy Baseball

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10)  There is no more “Home Team” You cannot dominate your fantasy baseball league by focusing your whole draft on your favorite Yankee or Red Sox player. This is a common flaw from the rookie fantasy player.

Adrian Gonzalez will sleep well at night if he is not part of your fantasy baseball team. Yet you will not sleep at night if you are in 8thplace and your favorite ballclub is on a nine game losing streak. The baseball season is a long season so it has to be enjoyable; 26 weeks is long time to suffer through a poor roster. If you want 26 weeks of pain, try listening to the Fantasy Baseball Roundtable on Tuesday Nights at 10:30 pm EST (Ed. Note—Tony is just jealous!).

9) There are 10 categories, so draft to fill all of them.

YOU CANNOT WIN a competitive league by dumping a category. You will hear people telling you dump stolen bases, strikeouts, or saves but walk away! You are basically allowing your opponent a 12 -15 point lead before a game is even played. So I will get emails from people disputing the 9 th Commandment, and there are a few people that have done it successfully. Yet those are exceptions to the commandment and do not make it right; Jim Abbott was a successful Major League Pitcher with one hand. Has anyone with two hands ever decided to use only one?

8) Thou shall not neglect to roster quality catchers.

The rule on catchers is AJ Pierzynski doesn’t help or hurt you. Yet when you take a look at the catcher’s rankings (with almost daily updates on our Premium Site!), any catcher following Pierzynski is going to be a huge negative to your fantasy roster. Understand any catcher drafted after the White Sox’ Mouth of the South will become underachievers in at least four out the five offensive categories. You must select a V-Mart, Posey or McCann and this will make the catcher position your lifeblood of fantasy immortality.

7) Thou shall not draft a starting pitcher until the “run” starts.

Major League Baseball has changed and pitching dominates. Gone is the day of a juiced-up player banging out 70 home runs in a season. Those big huge men are now slim and resemble Greg Louganis as opposed to Lou Ferrigno. Last season we had 15 starting pitchers with an ERA under 3.00, and there is no reason that will change. The magic number for strikeouts is 200 and there were 14 pitchers delivering that plateau. When it comes to drafting, abstain like a Catholic Priest at Hugh Hefner’s mansion until the pitchers starting coming off the board. Do not draft a top 10 pitcher and never abstain from anything at the mansion, unless Scott Baio wants to watch.

6) In dynasty or keeper Leagues, play for 2011. The future is never guaranteed.

It bothers me that Tito Jackson will win a fantasy title with Michael’s dynasty team.

5) In the early rounds draft power with a batting average that will not drag you down.

There are only seven hitters in Major League baseball that his at least 29 home runs and batted at least .299. In round one grab a player that will be a positive in at least four out of the five categories.  Put your emphasis on power and RBI, as stolen bases will be around later in the draft.

4) Try to limit your NL East Hitters! Excess of anything leads to epic failure.

NL East teams play 19 games against each other, so NL East hitters will be seeing K’s as they lay in bed each night. Do you really think your hitters will excel against the likes of Roy Halladay, Cole Hamels, Cliff Lee, Roy Oswalt, Josh Johnson, Tim Hudson, Tommy Hanson, and Anibal Sanchez? The Mets’ pitching staff could have batters licking their chops unless the games are played in spacious Citi Field. Avoid NL East batters as if you were Herve Villechaize contemplating shopping at a big & tall store.

3) Refrain from having partners in your fantasy ownership!

It is hard enough to make a decision in life why complicate it. It can be excruciating to consummate a trade with your fellow league mates. You have agreed on a trade but you’re not done; now it’s time to sell the trade your co-owner. When you get involved in selling a trade to your co-owner, it is a nightmare. Play along and use your fantasy baseball gods for spiritual guidance; if you’re agnostic use the 1-800 number (but you have to be a Premium Member to call us) and talk to Lenny Melnick. How did the co-owner thing work out for the Los Angeles Dodgers?

2) Thou shall not make ridiculous trade offers!

It is great not to throw out your best offer on the table in your first attempt in a trade. Yet don’t be ridiculous; Barry Enright for Cole Hamels will automatically mark your emails as spam. So avoid your emails being lumped in the same folder of Mohammed Azim’s aunt who needs my help settling her estate.  Keep it real, and do not waste league mate’s time with insane offers.

1) Remember, have fun!!!

Fantasy baseball is all about having fun and making “fantasy” friends, and I don’t mean my Susan Boyle blow-up doll with patented rear-entry. I have met some outstanding people online that I would have never become acquainted with if it was not for fantasy sports. We are all competitive and want to be the best but enjoy the ride and make some “fantasy” friends.

Paul finished the 2011-2012 Fantasy Football season as the #1 Weekly Rankings & Projections winner of the 411Fantasy Expert Challenge. He also finished 2nd in the Expert Draft Accuracy Challenge in 2011. Top 10 Finisher in the FSWA Fantasy Football Draft Projections. Paul is also apart of baseballs elite as a member of Tout Wars. You can follow me on Twitter @PaulGreco

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