May 9, 2012 posted by Patrick DiCaprio

The Fantasy Baseball Roundtable Show Official Are You Crazy and Bets Page-5-24

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We have a new Are You Crazy prediction tonight from Mr. Lang: Paul Konerko will be the AL MVP. NOT CRAZY was the verdict.

We also have a Put A Pepper on It Bet” –Jason says Josh Reddick will get 28 or more HR. Mike Says 27 or fewer.

Put a Pepper On It:

Jason & Podhorzer have Matt Moore, Marta has Jordan Zimmerman

Greg Marta says Carlos Zambrano will have an ERA below 3.50, DiCaprio disagrees.

Patrick says Carl Crawford will outearn Jacoby Ellsbury,   Albert Lang disagrees on total player value in 2012. 

Jason, Patrick take Carlos Beltran, Marta says Cameron Maybin, best of 5 categories.

Patrick says  Matt Kemp will be closer to 16 overall than 1 overall for 2012 production, Marta says BS.

Gabriel thinks A-Rod will be better than Carl Crawford next year.  Marta says BS!  Winner to be determined by 5×5 categories. 

Greg is now the official self proclaimed “Mayor of Crazy Town” after rolling his “Are You Crazy?” segment into three board bets.  Greg has 5-1 odds from Jason, Patrick and Mike that Danny Espinosa of the Nationals will be a top-20 fantasy baseball player next year.  Greg went on the babble that he’ll “tickle” 30/30.

Patrick says Logan Morrison will be a $20 batter according to BaseballHQ NL-only dollar values, Marta says $19 and under and will win easily.

Are You Crazy:

Patrick: Carlos Quentin will hit fewer than 10 HR. NOT CRAZY

Greg: Melky Cabrera will generate First Round Value in 2012 (met with LOTS of guffaws from the other hosts) CRAZY

Jason: David Freese will be a top five 3B. CRAZY

Mike: Dee Gordon will be a top three SS. NOT CRAZY

Greg: Huston Street will be the Number One closer in 2012. (more guffaws) CRAZY

Al Lang: BJ Upton will be a top 15 player in 2012 NOT CRAZY

Mike: Ike Davis will hit 35 HR NOT CRAZY

Jason: Hanley Ramirez will be the most valuable NL fantasy player CRAZY

Mike: Chris Sale will be a top 20 OVERALL SP CRAZY

Jason Collette: Chris Young will outperform both Upton Brothers CRAZY

Mike Podhorzer: Yoenis Cespedes will hit 30 HR and hit under .200 CRAZY

Jason Mastrodonato: Allen Craig will outproduce Giancarlo Stanton. NOT CRAZY


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