March 6, 2012 posted by Patrick DiCaprio

The Alternate Universe Hall of Fame

The Alternate Universe Hall of Fame
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In one theory about the existence of the universe, the possibility exists for doppelgangers of ourselves to exist in many alternate universes. As crazy as it sounds, there may be versions of ourselves in other universes that are living out our lives dating Scarlett Johannson, winning Nobel Prizes and becoming president. There may even be a world where the Nobel Prize is actually the DiCaprio Prize, though that seems a tad unlikely.

Which brings us to the Alternate Universe Hall of Fame.

This is an idea I have toyed with for the past few years, and we finally are going to start it. We are going to enshrine players who, because of bad luck and extraordinary random chance in our universe are not Hall of Fame players, but had the ability to be Hall of Famers. These players are unlikely to have met the same bad luck in every other universe, and so they are probably Hall of Famers in alternate universes.

What makes an Alternate Universe Hall of Famer? We need a player who has shown Hall of Fame talent, as subjective as that is. That player had to have met with some bad luck that prevented him for fully reaching his potential. The event has to be something out of the ordinaryas opposed to within normal expectations. And it must be something out of their control in a loose sense.

We are not looking at players who were close to Hall of Fame caliber, like Bernie Williams. They met their true potential in our universe (or were very close) and we all can appreciate just how good these players were. We are not looking at players like Don Mattingly, who met with a relatively garden-variety injury.

But what about a guy like Tony Conigliaro? Or Pete Reiser? Or J.R. Richard? These are players who met with untimely, extraordinary events that ruined their careers and were unlikely to have occurred very often. If you took 10,000 universes, how often does Conigliaro get hit in the head? How often did Richard succumb to a stroke? Not very often. They could not have changed their fate in any realistic sense. The events that happened were out of their control.

And this is the type of player we are after.

We want this to be a collaborative process with our readers, so feel free to nominate your own players. And feel free to write something for us telling us why he should be considered. I will publish all submissions.

During the year we will induct a few members, and we will try to start a webpage that has an actual Alternate Universe Hall of Fame Shrine.

So, without further ado, I bring you the initial list of nominees for comment. As indicated above all comments and suggestions are welcome.  And thanks to our fans on our Facebook page for some of these nominees. Nice job guys!

Initial Nominee List

Pete Reiser

J.R. Richard

Mel Stottlemyre

Tony Conigliaro

Mark Prior

Buck O’Neil

Darryl Strawberry

Mike Cameron

Jose Cruz Sr.

Gene Tenace

Gil McDougald

Cesar Cedeno

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