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February 5, 2012 posted by Paul Greco

Super Bowl XLVI – Having Fun and Paul’s Predictions

Super Bowl XLVI – Having Fun and Paul’s Predictions
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So with every Super Bowl comes friends, family, beer and lots of food. For tomorrow’s NFL matchup between the New England Patriots and the New York Giants in Super Bowl XLVI all the talk these past two-weeks has been…Peyton Manning?  I know, you’re tired of hearing it and so am I. That will be the last time I reference Peyton Manning in this post. Well, except for this…probably the funniest thing Saturday Night Live has done in the past decade :


Ok, now back to the importance of Super Bowl XLVI. Many experts continue to shove in our face the defensive front four for the Giants. Granted, they’re hella good, but I look for QB Tom Brady to slow down the “NASCAR” defense (when the Giants have four defensive-ends on the line of scrimmage) by utilizing the no-huddle and quick passes.  I can waste your time by talking about the TE of the Patriots, but why? We already know everything about them.  No wait, here’s one piece of information I was floated today after a source watched the Patriots walk-through. We’ll see several times during the game Sunday, three TE sets to try an smush the faces of that Giants front four.  Ok, time for some more fun for the Patriots fans…


For the Giants it’s all about their three WR and how the Patriots will try to slow them down, particularly Victor Cruz. Look for Cruz to hang out in the slot and roam the middle the of the field. How do you stop a WR with a combination of speed and power, well, if your the Patriots you put your nickle-back/WR/punt returner/kick returner/water boy Julian Edelman on him. Wait, what? Yeah, no kidding.

Look for the Giants to exploit a weak secondary of the Patriots and get the ball down field. **Little known stat time** Eli Manning has attempted the most throws of at least 21 air yards in the regular season, completing 42.7 percent. What defense has given up the most 21 yard passes you might be asking yourself? Hint, it rhymes with  suckage…ok, I lied it doesn’t rhyme with suckage, but the Patriots defense against passes of 21 yards or more pretty much does suck. The Patriots allowed a league worst 46.4%. So now it’s the Giants fans turn to make fun of the Patriots…


So prediction time here is Paul’s Pick for Super Bowl XLVI

Patriots : 31

NY Giants : 24

Here is Paul’s Personal Preference : I hope the Giants whoop that ass.

Paul finished the 2011-2012 Fantasy Football season as the #1 Weekly Rankings & Projections winner of the 411Fantasy Expert Challenge. He also finished 2nd in the Expert Draft Accuracy Challenge in 2011. Top 10 Finisher in the FSWA Fantasy Football Draft Projections. Paul is also apart of baseballs elite as a member of Tout Wars. You can follow me on Twitter @PaulGreco

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