March 15, 2012 posted by Chuck Anderson

Spring Training Stats: Who’s Hot and Who’s Not on March 15

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Brett Lawrie, 3B, Toronto Blue Jays



With that out of the way, five players on hot streaks this Spring and five that seem more interested in filling out their NCAA brackets:


Melky Cabrera:  .481/.481/.963, 3 HR, 1 K in 27 PA

He is a popular regression candidate, and can be drafted far later than his 2011 production would dictate he be taken.  While he is changing leagues and going to a park that is more difficult to score runs in, headlines like this will only boost his stock.  The contact rate is an encouraging sign, but at this stage ultimately meaningless.

Brett Lawrie:  .579/.600/.842, 5 2B, 3 SB

Chances are every league has someone that is completely in love with Lawrie and will figuratively dislocate a shoulder reaching to draft him.  This hot start only encourages those enamored with him.  He is making contact well too, with only one strikeout in 20 PA.

Gregor Blanco:  .522/.593/.565, 6 SB, 1 CS

Blanco leads the Giants in average, and the majors in springtime steals.  He only has 26 thefts in 253 major league games, but stole 24 in 74 Triple-A games last year.  He was considered a longshot for the roster, and there is still no clear path to playing time.  This is not much to get excited about yet.

Alfonso Soriano:  .529/.529/.1.412, 4 HR in 17 AB

It makes sense that a mistake hitter would thrive when pitchers are barely concerned with their results.  Soriano has been handled for years with well-executed pitches (i.e. sliders down and away), and there is little reason to expect a sudden change.

Lorenzo Cain:  .529/.600/.941

He is the early Spring leader in OPS, which is a nice way to begin his first season as a starter.  He will need to control his strikeout rate to succeed in Kansas City, but to his credit it has steadily improved since 2008.


Raul Ibanez:  .083/.083/.125, 2 H in 24 AB

The new Yankee is not showing much life at the plate.  Remember though, he is no stranger to extreme hot and cold streaks.  His modest fantasy value should not be downgraded yet.

Tyler Pastornicky:  .100/.129/.100, 3 H, 1 BB in 31 PA

His slow start has some pushing for Andrelton Simmons to start at shortstop.  That would seem irresponsible since Simmons played at High-A in 2011.  As far as Pastornicky is concerned, he has yet to prove that he is an offensively viable big leaguer.

Jason Heyward:  .143/.200/.179, 10 K in 30 PA

The comeback year is off to a rocky start.  If it continues, Heyward’s mental toughness will be tested.  Wednesday night’s home run off Stephen Strasburg could provide a nice boost.

Roy Halladay:  10.57 ERA, 5 HR in 7.2 IP

If this stat line, or any reports of diminished velocity worry you yet get your head examined.  He has a 10/1 K/BB.

Tim Lincecum:  6.75 ERA, 1.8 WHIP

See Halladay, Roy


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