April 4, 2013 posted by Matthew Dewoskin

Singles Only: The Three Games Into the Season Edition

Singles Only: The Three Games Into the Season Edition
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Yu Darvish, SP, Texas Rangers

Yu Darvish, SP, Texas Rangers

If fantasy baseball is D & D for sports fans, then Dynasty Leagues are full blown LARPing with custom made swords and bad accents.  The thought process was something like, “Oooh! Let’s take something that’s already kinda nerdy and make it as nerdy as possible by adding a full farm system!”

Keeper leagues aren’t much better, but at least they don’t involve drafting guys who not only has no one seen play, but can’t buy alcohol or, in some cases, vote. Dynasty League players make single league players look like well-rounded people in comparison. It’s hard to look a person in the eye who gushes about an eighteen year-old with “tools” and a “great body.” You’ve made fantasy baseball creepy. Congrats.

The NFBC is probably the best format for playing real fantasy baseball. No trades. No BS. Just a man, his draft and $1000 in fake cash for the waiver wire. If Ron Swanson would play something with “fantasy” in the name (he wouldn’t), he would play NFBC. There’s no staring at 17-year old Dominicans and trying to pick which one will be the next Sammy Sosa. There aren’t any dynasty leagues in the NFBC and that’s the way it should be. With that spirit in mind, we have our latest and greatest weekly feature, “Singles Only,” which will feature news and advice for fantasy players who play the right way, one and done.

We’re only four days into the 2013 regular season and Chris Davis is leading the league with a .942 wOBA. He has nine PA’s so far. It’s a nice start, but it’s far too early to declare good ol’ Crush Davis the 2013 fantasy baseball MVP. He’s hot right now and should absolutely be in every lineup in every applicable format. He’s making a lot of guys look like geniuses early in the year, but remember, it’s early in the year. Speaking of making guys look like geniuses…

Yu Darvish! Anyone who writes a fantasy baseball column and doesn’t find an excuse to write about Yu Darvish’s almost perfect game simply doesn’t care. Joe Sheehan did a phenomenal post mortem on Yu Darvish, Marwin Gonzalez and the idea of “wanting it more.” It’s just one game among 32 for Darvish this year, but it was an impressive feat even against the Astros. Darvish’ value is at an all-time high right now. It wouldn’t be a ridiculous thought to start sending out “Godfather” offers to see what he could return. “How about Stephen Strasburg and Ike Davis for Yu? Did you see that game?” If your league was redrafted right now, how high do you think Darvish would go? Top 20? Top 10? Has a guy’s value ever jumped that much after one start against a replacement level opposition?

You know how you know it’s too early to start passing judgment? Freddie Freeman is leading the league with a 1.000 BABIP. A 1.000 BABIP after three games. Why are we even bothering to break this stuff down?

Mike Morse has carried his eight-homer spring into the regular season and he’s already hit three. There’s another guy that you could absolutely sell high on and probably not miss that much. Brandon Belt…hasn’t. He has three plate appearances and a bout with the flu already. 

Tim Lincecum managed to get the W on Wednesday, but he looked awfully shaky. Lincecum , walked seven and only struck out four. His velocity was essentially where it was at this point last year, but it’s a bad time to try to sell on Lincecum. He has a really favorable schedule coming up with the Rockies, Cubs and Padres as his next three potential opponents. The smart GM lets Lincecum rack up some garbage stats against the bottom feeders and then tries to deal him for seventy cents on the dollar instead of the twenty cents on the dollar available today.

The good news on Roy Halladay is that he recording nine out of ten outs via the strikeout and his velocity was improved since the spring. The bad news is that he walked three, game up two homers and was battered for five runs in 3 1/3 innings. Yikes. He’ll be getting the Mets and Marlins in his next two starts. Hope for the best against some of the weaker offenses and then try to deal Halladay after he has some success.

We’ll wrap this up by taking a look at one of the more volatile bullpen situations in major league baseball, the Milwaukee Brewers. Fantasy pundits are predicting doom and gloom for John Axford in 2012. Wait, sorry, 2013. That last sentence was cut and pasted from last year. Slow down, guys. It would be a good idea to stash Jim Henderson or make a sneaky play for Mike Gonzalez (He had 24 saves in ‘06! He’s still in the league! Who knew!), but Axford has the job for now and should keep it. Yes, he has as many strikeouts (3) as home runs allowed (3), but his velocity is where it should be and he’s currently rocking a 60% HR:FB ratio. His career average is 10.3%. It’s a small sample size. He’s fine. Take a deep breath. It looks ugly on April 4th, but most fantasy GMs will be laughing about this in a month.


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