January 18, 2013 posted by Patrick DiCaprio

Scratch Rankings Notes and Issues Jan 18

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Justin Smoak, First Baseman, Seattle Mariners

Here are the unedited rankings blurbs and notes for today. The Rankings themselves are going up for Premium Subscribers, and will be fully available early next week, with positional rankings going up already. If you have questions you can ask them on twitter @pdicaprioFP911

Chris Johnson–high h% so BA down, 20 HR MAYBE

Jayson Werth -He had 550+ ABs in each season since becoming an everyday player in 2009 
VMart and Crawford no real timetable for return-watch in ST
Nick Swisher  ct% and FB% consistent,  .260 and  20+ HR season despite park change
Smoak and others at PT mercy of Ibanez and Morales-drop
Mark Melancon over Jason Grilli?
Adam Jones-skills equal all gains in AB? regress
Mike Moustakas – Brad Radke rule
Expect big Dan Haren rebound–no worries–BPV
Pat corbin including a 7.2 Dom, 2.1 Ctl and a 46% GB%—SKILLS SLEEPER 
Shelby Miller-not ready in AAA pass
Tigers say V-Mart will not C this year
Porcello ahead of Smyly per Tigers
Mike Zunino gets added as M’s catcher, Justin SMoak traded?
Scott Baker ready to start season per Cubs.
Torii Hunter-Luck induced season and now on big stage with No 2 spot in Tigers lineup. could ruin the whole Tigers lineup
A’s resign Seth Smith–this might be a great, platoon with Chris Young that could go 30-100. can do worse for $1 endgame OF

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