March 11, 2012 posted by Paul Greco

Putting The Auction Together In Greco’s Mock Draft

Putting The Auction Together In Greco’s Mock Draft
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Paul Greco's Mock Auction Draft

I wanted to follow-up my Auction podcast by showing you all exactly how I put my auction draft strategy into practice and show everyone what kind of a team I could come up with on a $260 budget in a Mixed League Draft.

In a mock-auction draft over at ESPN, the 12 participants agreed that we would draft our teams until the end so that I could use it for research for this article. Luckily, only two people ended up leaving the draft prior to finishing and both had spent over 80% of their allotted $260 all ready. The other issue is ESPN only drafts one catcher, but they add three bench spots, so it all rounds out money-wise in the end.

As I explained in the podcast, the key for me going into my draft was to come out with a team that reaches my averages (listen to the podcast for the explanation). My other important goal was to try and stay within my spending means at the positions in which I allocated my money (as you will see down below, that did not happen because of the draft flow).

My first selection was at 1B and I went with New York Yankees 1B Mark Teixeira for $29. If you listened to the podcast, you’re probably saying to yourself, “Damn it Greco, you said to spend $30 on a #1 OF, not on 1B!” If you are thinking that, than you need to re-listen to the podcast, because I explained that the money can be re-allocated to other positions if the price for that player is less than you have on your draft sheet. You see, Albert Pujols went first among 1B for $38, then it was Miguel Cabrera $39, Prince Fielder $34, Joey Votto $38 and finally Adrian Gonzalez $37; getting Teixeira at $29 I thought was great value, especially since I had him allocated at $35+. Lesson learned: on my first pick I am already saving $1 and can place it somewhere else on my roster.

With my second selection, I think I got lucky because San Francisco Giants #1 SP Tim Lincecum landed in my lap for $21. Not since Patrick DiCaprio and Lenny Melnick tag-teamed to give me a lap dance in New York the last time I visited for half-price have I felt so lucky (if you image those two really giving me a lap dance, well, I’m sorry that you just threw up a little in mouth). Once again, I’m able to save money in one area of my roster so I can re-allocate it to another. Lesson learned: even if that player is not who you were originally targeting, if he fits into your tiers, you grab him and the value.

My next three selections were SP. After getting a collection of three #1 SP I figured it was time to go all in at the position. I felt dedicated to make the best pitching staff possible at this point in the draft. Since I was able to save money off my Lincecum selection, I went with the following SP; Milwaukee Brewers’ Zach Greinke (who you know by now is my man-crush for 2012) and Yovani Gallardo $16, and Boston Red Sox Jon Lester $18.

Rounding out my pitching staff is:

Name $$$ W K S
Tim Lincecum $21 17 231
Zack Greinke $19 15 219
Jon Lester $18 17 214
Jonathan Papelbon $12 4 83 37
Yovani Gallardo $16 14 221
Josh Beckett $12 13 178
Joel Hanrahan $10 2 73 38
Josh Johnson $11 15 181
Heath Bell $9 2 67 38
BENCH: Sergio Santos $4 2 83 35
Total 101 1550 148

TOTAL Cost = $131

Now you are probably thinking, “WTH Greco! This guy must be a loser.” Nope! Once you take a look at my offense, you’ll think I’m a genius.

Remember, this is a Mix League Draft which means there are plenty of values out there. You’ll see where I saved money and got great production out of my selections.

Back to the offense. You already know that I drafted Teixeira with my first pick at $29, my second offensive players was Cincinnati Reds OF Jay Bruce for $24. I love this pick as well. Bruce, like Teixeira, was a player coming into this draft that I had in my tier of 30+ players. At the end of the season, if healthy, Bruce, who lost 16 pounds this offseason, has the potential to be a $35 player.

To fill my 3B position, as mentioned in the podcast, I was looking for some value and a guy who has dropped in many “Experts” rankings. BOOM! Boston Red Sox 3B Kevin Youkilis at $13 is pretty damn fantastical.  Many are not talking about him or are nervous about his health.  Here’s a little free advice, when there is value on the table you take it. Leave health concerns out of your bias towards that player. Lesson learned: even a player that may have health concerns is worth the risk at a specific price. In the case of Youkilis, $13 is well worth the risk in my opinion.

Right out of the gate, offensively, my HR, RBI, and R initially is headed in the right direction. Obviously at this point I need to start focusing on getting players that have the ability to score and steal some bases. Three players from my roster fit that mold. In my OF I spent $15 on Tampa Bay Rays BJ Upton, $1 on Detroit Tigers OF Austin Jackson and $2 on Oakland A’s 2B Jemile Weeks. Between those three players the GRS Projection System projects 100 SB; for $18 I’ll take that as my starting point.

I also added four players I like to call “Cross My Finger” type players. These are players I’m looking to bounce back or produce near what they did last season. Say hello to St. Louis Cardinals new 1B Lance Berkman $14, Washington Nationals OF Jayson Werth $14, Kansas City Royals OF Jeff Francoeur $4 and Los Angeles Angels 1B/DH Kendry Morales $2. All four of these players, according to GRS will produce 86 HR, 316 R, 327 RBI and 34 SB.

Finally, rounding out my offense I went with speed guys and my catcher. At SS I added Kansas City Royals SS Alcides Escobar $1 who is projected to steal 24 bases. To fill my 2B/SS requirement I added San Diego Padres SS Jason Bartlett $1, a 20 stolen base guy. Finally, at catcher, I picked up Washington Nationals Wilson Ramos $3 who I currently have at 15 HR.

Putting it all together, here is what I was able to come up with offensively for $129:

Name $$$ HR R RBI SB
C Wilson Ramos $3 15 54 58 0
1B Mark Teixeira $29 36 100 116 4
2B Jemile Weeks $3 4 84 56 34
3B Kevin Youkilis $13 19 80 85 4
SS Alcides Escobar $1 4 62 58 24
2B/SS Jason Bartlett $1 3 54 53 20
1B/3B Lance Berkman $14 24 88 95 4
OF Jay Bruce $24 33 91 104 7
OF B.J. Upton $15 22 85 83 39
OF Jayson Werth $14 23 88 84 16
OF Austin Jackson $1 10 86 65 27
OF Jeff Francoeur $4 19 72 78 13
UTIL Kendrys Morales $2 20 62 66 1
BENCH Yunel Escobar $3 11 91 57 5
BENCH J.D. Martinez $2 17 71 78 2
TOTAL 129 260 1168 1136 200

With the players I currently have offensively it looks to the naked-eye that my batting average will suffer some. Personally, I don’t give a sh*t. I’ve reached my target in four of the five categories on offense and my pitching staff, if healthy, should completely dominate the league.

Lesson learned: There are many value picks in the Mix League format with 12-teams. The more teams you add to the Mix or if you play American or National only, it becomes a little more difficult.

Do you have a suggestion on how I could have made this better, hit me up down below with a comment.

Paul finished the 2011-2012 Fantasy Football season as the #1 Weekly Rankings & Projections winner of the 411Fantasy Expert Challenge. He also finished 2nd in the Expert Draft Accuracy Challenge in 2011. Top 10 Finisher in the FSWA Fantasy Football Draft Projections. Paul is also apart of baseballs elite as a member of Tout Wars. You can follow me on Twitter @PaulGreco

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