June 17, 2012 posted by Paul Greco

Pitching Matchups to Watch for the Week of June 18th

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Ryan Dempster, CHC. Sleeper?

Wade Miley v SEA (6/18) & v CHC (6/24) – Miley has been terrific this year but his success has been fueled by an unsustainable BABIP and control that he’s never previously approached as a professional. When the dominos start to fall we predict complete collapse. Given the incredibly soft matchups this week I’d start him in 12-team and deeper formats. Moving forward, don’t be afraid to ditch Miley at the first sign of trouble.

Jake Arrieta @ NYM 6/18) and v WAS (6/24) – Arrieta was nothing short of a train wreck for the past month and then went out and dominated the Pirates. Even though the Pirates are equivalent to a AAA team, that’s a good sign. The Nats and Mets aren’t cakewalks but it ain’t the AL-East either.

The Pirates game was either a definitive turning point or a fluke therefore expect two excellent starts or two brutal ones. A desperate team in any format should ride Arrieta this week; if you’re squeamish with your ratios pass.

Matt Harrison @ SD (6/18) and v COL (6/24) – If you own Matt Harrison you already know he’s been great this year. However, there may be something like five people on Earth that need some reassurance so here goes. Harrison’s 2.55 K/BB rate and 51% GB rate get a break from the AL this week and one of his two starts is as cushy as it gets. Start in all formats.

Scott Diamond v PIT (6/19) and @ CIN (6/24) – I love Scott Diamond and I love to pick on the Pirates so it really doesn’t matter who his second start is against. Start in 12-team and deeper formats.

Rick Porcello v STL (6/19) and @ PIT (6/24) – From a fantasy perspective Porcello is meh. The Cards are beak up and the Pirates can’t hit, which helps to spice Porcello up considerably (for this week anyway). I like him in 15-team formats this week.

Scott Feldman @ SD (6/19) – Feldman has been tinkering with his approach and a 13 to 1 K/BB rate over his past two starts indicate that it could sort of be working. At the Padres makes him a super sneaky AL-only play this week.

Francisco Liriano @ PIT (6/20) – Liriano has been pitching much better since rejoining the rotation and he’s got the Pirates this week. IT’S A TRAP!!! Thank you Admiral Akbar. He’s still putting a lot of guys on base and not making it deep into games. You have to start him in AL-only but he’s not automatic in 15-team and shallower formats.

Ryan Dempster @ CHW (6/20) – Dempster rules but for some reasonhe  sat in 40% of leagues last week. He’s automatic in all formats.

Liam Hendriks @ PIT (6/21) – I liked Hendriks quite a bit in the spring as a sleeper. Maybe I’m stubborn but I’m not giving up, despite his 9.00 ERA in the bigs (besides FIP said he’s really been more of a 6.51 pitcher). He spent the last two months mopping up AAA so maybe he sticks this time. A must start in AL-only formats, watch closely in others.

Jeff Francis @ PHL (6/21) – He’s back with the Rox and his fastball is back up to 86 mph. The fact that those are his ‘positives’ says it all.

Brandon Beachy @ BOS (6/22) – Beachy was the best pitcher on the planet for a while but has had trouble with control lately. I might pass in 10-team leagues if I could scrounge up an interesting option for the week.

Kevin Millwood @ SD (6/22) – Millwood has actually been really good this year for Seattle. Hang on a sec, I have to choke back the vomit that’s in my mouth. He’s a nice play this week in San Diego. Yes in AL-only, maybe in 15-team leagues. God that tasted nasty.

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