July 15, 2012 posted by Paul Greco

Pitching Matchups to Watch for the Week of July 16th

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Wade Miley, ARI

Wade Miley @ CIN (7/16) & v HOU (7/20) – I told you to jump off the Miley bandwagon two starts ago and I was right. Regression can be a brutal thing. Don’t get sucked into the fact that one of his two stats is against the ‘Stros. Worthy of a start in NL-only formats and even then I think you’re playing with fire.

Zach McAllister @ TB (7/16) & v BAL (7/21) – A 4 to 1 K/BB rate gets it done and a low left on base % hints at some better luck in the future. Wins are tough to come by in Cleveland but otherwise McAllister looks solid. Start in 15-team or deeper formats and watch in shallower leagues.

Jeff Karstens @ COL (7/16) & v MIA (7/22) – I was really digging Karstens before the shoulder injury put him on the shelf. He’s a finesse pitcher who mixes four pitches, generating a 2.91 K/BB rate last season and a 2.67 ratio the year before. In 32 innings this year it’s 4.80 – there seems to be some skills emerging here. Throw in the fact that the Pirates are hitting a bit lately and have an elite closer in the 9th and he is a great play for the second half. Add and start immediately in 15-team or deeper formats (yeah I know we don’t like Coors) and consider adding in 12-team leagues if you have a bench spot to speculate with.

Homer Bailey v AZ (7/17) & v MIL (7/22) – It seems like I tout Bailey on a weekly basis. Once in a while it’s justified. He shows me just enough from time to time to keep me interested. I still believe in some solid upside as well as the possibility of a serious shoulder injury. On a week to week basis either trend could emerge. I would start in 15-team or deeper formats and probably 12-team leagues. This is usually the situation when Bailey screws me so don’t hate me too much if it doesn’t work out.

Bartolo Colon v TEX (7/17) & v NYY (7/22) – Colon has been money all year and especially since coming off the DL. These are ugly matchups but hey, they’re at home! He’s almost worth a gamble in 10-team leagues with the two starts. Let’s give him the nod in 12-team or deeper formats.

Joe Kelly @ MIL (7/17) – Don’t get sucked in to thinking Kelly is the next ‘out of nowhere’ guy for the Cards. He has bad control but a 93.7 mph fastball and 47% GB% bear monitoring. Watch in deeper formats but not worthy of starting yet.

Ubaldo Jimenez @ TB (7/19) – He’s seems to be coming around but is still on pace for 111 walks. At this point I might pick on weaker teams with Jimenez but Tampa can hit enough. He looked great against them last week but before you throw that in my face remember it’s a sample size of 1. Start in AL-only.

Chris Young @ WAS (7/19) – He’s looked decent so far but I don’t trust shoulder injuries long-term. In the short-term the Nats can hit. Young is a really nice start in NL-only leagues but don’t get excited in anything more shallow.

Tim Lincecum @ PHL (7/20) – What to do with Tim Lincecum this week? The ouija board says start in 12-team or deeper formats but I don’t have a flippin’ clue.

Luis Mendoza v MIN (7/20) – I don’t have substantial faith that Mendoza will be anything worth remembering in the annals of fantasy baseball. Having said that a 24 to 6 K/BB rate over his last 5 starts gives reason for a second glance. Minnesota can’t really hit. Something to watch and a reasonable start in AL-only leagues.

Ben Sheets @ WAS (7/21) – One needs look no further than Chris Capuano to see what a once promising pitcher can do when finally healthy – even after years of absence and resurfacing well after their prime. The ERA in two AA starts was gnarly but a 10 to 1 K/BB rate over 10.2 innings is great. Hard to imagine why they’d rush him to start after only 10 innings coming off a long break. This is an upside play and regardless of his debut against the Mets on Sunday I’ll be in for a lusty FAAB bid. Grab and stash in 12-team or deeper formats.

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