October 9, 2012 posted by Patrick DiCaprio

Interview With NFBC Main Event Champ Dave Potts

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We are so proud of Dave Potts for bringing home the NFBC Main Event Overall title, and the 100k that goes with it. Dave has been a subscriber to our site since Day One and even wrote a song for us.

We asked Dave to do an interview for us and he obliged. As for what he is going to do with the money, we will be selling Lenny Melnick bobbleheads shortly:

What do you do for a living?

I am a singer/songwriter, recording artist. I have toured nationally and released 9 CD’s.

Why is your team name “The Low Talkers?”

I am a big Seinfeld fan, and most of my teams are named after a Seinfeld reference. I chose Low Talkers as my main team name, because I am a pretty quiet guy. Lots of loud personality types at the NFBC drafts, I just sit back and do my thing.

What is your history in fantasy baseball?

I’ve been playing fantasy baseball since 1999. I fell in love with it immediately. As each year has passed, I’ve stepped up the level of leagues I play in. This was my 4 th year in the NFBC Main Event. I have had some success in the past, I won my Main Event league last year and finished 11 th in the overall. I play in lots of auction leagues, auctions are my favorite way to play fantasy baseball.

How did you do it?

A lot of preseason prep, and some good fortune. I don’t play any other sports, so baseball is a year round thing for me. It helped me a lot that I had done dozens of real drafts before the Main Event, so I was as well prepared as I could be. And, you need some good fortune to win something like this, I had pretty good luck with injuries, my top 7 picks all stayed healthy.

What were your best and worst moves of the year?

As far as in season moves, I had 3 key FAAB pickups. I picked up AJ Burnett in week 2, and he was huge for me. I had drafted Michael Pineda, and Burnett filled that lost roster spot for me. I was also shaky in saves, having drafted Heath Bell and Matt Capps, I was able to pick up Tom Wilhelmsen and Ernesto Frieri, which kept me afloat in saves.

Worst moves – I drafted Tyler Clippard, held onto him 6 weeks, then dropped him a week before he became the closer. And, then in July, I was still needing some saves, I bid over $100 on Francisco Cordero, while letting Kris Medlen fall through the cracks and go to someone else.

What was your draft strategy?

I had the #5 pick, and was planning to take Tulowitzki, but I ended up getting my #1 overall player in Miguel Cabrera. Even after getting Cabrera, I stuck to my original plan of getting 2 more corner infielders early, grabbing Adrian Beltre and David Wright. I planned to get one ace pitcher, and then 3-4 more starters before the mid teens. I took Felix Hernandez as my ace, then took starters in rounds 8-9-10. I liked the outfield inventory this year, so I waited and got guys like Allen Craig, Alfonso Soriano and Dayan Viciedo late in the draft.

What was it like the last few days?

It is pretty hard to describe the excitement and nerves during the final week. I was not in the overall lead much of the season, the first day I showed up in first place was mid-September, and then fell right back to #2 until the final weekend of the year. (Ed Note- Dave asked us for advice coming into September and told he he thought he wasnt going to win, and hoped to finish in the Top Five.) I was in desperate need of a few wins and steals to put me over the top. The last Friday night, I had 3 starters going, and Jon Niese and Gavin Floyd got wins for me, and that pushed me back into the top spot. Sunday afternoon, I was watching the Padres/Giants game, when Everth Cabrera stole 4 bases. I nearly jumped through the roof, as those 4 steals netted me about 30 points. I didn’t go to sleep any night that week until after the overall standings had updated. The final night, my wife and I stayed up refreshing the screen over and over until the final standings came in. It is an unbelievable feeling.

What was your FAAB spending strategy?

I spent fairly evenly throughout the year. If there is a difference maker early, I have no problem spending a lot of money early on, but it is important to have a few bucks left at the end to pick up some pieces.

What will you do with the money?

I’ll put aside my fantasy league entry fees for the next couple seasons, and then after taxes (yikes!), I’ll put most of it into our kids college accounts and retirement savings (sounds exciting doesn’t it!) I guess I’ll let me wife get something nice, she’s got her eye on some new furniture. I would also consider buying a Lenny Melnick bobblehead.

What are your main sources of info and advice?

I use lots of resources, there is a lot of great info out there from a lot of smart people and it would silly not to use it. There are 4 sites that I visit pretty much every day of the season and close to everyday year round. FP911 is a great source of advice and daily info to make sure nothing slips through the cracks. I also use Baseball HQ, Mastersball and RotoWire. In addition to reading, I also listen to every podcast that FP911 puts out.

Do you have one tip for anyone playing in NFBC

Practice. If you can afford to get in some satellite leagues or slow drafts early on, it helps fine tune your decision making for draft day. If not, at least make sure you have done several mock drafts in the 15-team format. I would say to be aware of the ADP, but I know how you (Pat) feel about that :-)


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