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September 27, 2012 posted by Chuck Anderson

Fantasy Football 2012 Week Four Inside the Numbers

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Shaun Hill, QB, Detroit Lions

Shaun Hill graded out as the #4 quarterback last week in a short relief effort.  That speaks volumes about Tennessee’s defense, but also indicates that Hill could be a capable fill-in should Stafford be inactive against Minnesota.  Speaking of Tennessee, they attempted to replicate San Francisco’s defensive game plan against Detroit by blitzing on only four of 60 dropbacks.  They did not fare as well, reinforcing that a plan is only as good as the talent trusted to execute it.


Peyton Manning is averaging 6.2 yards per play in the first three quarters, 7.3 in the fourth.  There is good news for those banking on his health.  Left tackle Ryan Clady has given up only one quarterback hit on 136 pass attempts.


Cam Newton rushed for at least eighteen yards in every game last year and averaged 44.1.  Twice this season he finished with less than ten yards.


Philip Rivers was pressured on 29.1% of dropbacks in 2011.  That has increased to 45% this year.  He did not help himself last week though, he averaged just 5.1 yards per attempt when he was not pressured.


Dez Bryant does not have a red zone target yet.


On passes from 0-20 yards beyond the line Josh Freeman was 4-15 for 30 total yards.


Jacksonville has sixteen yards passing to targets defined as “over the middle” all year.  That sounds like Blaine Gabbert is encouraged to throw outside, away from lurking zone defenders.


Heath Miller’s big bounceback year continued, he had ten targets, three of them in the red zone, and two touchdowns.


Jimmy Graham dropped two passes for the second consecutive week.


Jamaal Charles only forced one missed tackle in his monster game but averaged 4.6 yards after contact.


Mikel Leshoure 60 snaps, Kevin Smith five.  Leshoure carried 26 times and gained positive yardage on 24.


The Bills have not allowed a sack yet and their line tops Cold Hard Football Facts’ Offensive Hog Index.






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