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October 13, 2012 posted by Chuck Anderson

Fantasy Football 2012: Inside the Numbers, Week Six

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Rob Gronkowski, TE, New England Patriots

Rob Gronkowski keeps popping up on the injury report but he played all 97 offensive snaps against Denver.  Those apprehensive about his production have reason to worry though.  He is blocking on 20.4% of pass plays this year, almost double the 10.7% he blocked on in 2011.


Tony Gonzalez broke five tackles.  That is a  good number for a running back and an astonishing number for a tight end.  He caught thirteen of the fourteen passes thrown his way.


Dwayne Allen played more snaps than Coby Fleener (61-55) but the ex-Stanford tight end was out on fifteen more pass routes (37-22).


Ruben Randle was son the field for a season high 38 plays.


Advanced NFL Stats unveiled a new statistic:  Air yards for quarterbacks.  Alex Smith leads the leagues in Air yards per attempt.  Blaine Gabbert is last, although not far ahead of Matt Stafford.  Stafford, along with Robert Griffin III, Matt Schaub, and Carson Palmer owe over half their yards to runs after the catch.  Two rookies, Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson get over 70% of their passing yards through the air.


Three quarterbacks have an accuracy rating over 80%:  Aaron Rodgers, Alex Smith, and Robert Griffin III.  Since 2008 the top ten QBs averaged 9.5 wins.


Christian Ponder has a 102.2 QB rating when not faced with pressure and a 38.5 rating when dealing with a rush.  Consider the opposing pass defense before starting him.


Ahmad Bradshaw broke six tackles but also gained 130 of his 200 yards before he was touched.


With Lance Moore and Jimmy Graham hobbled Marques Colston received six red zone targets.  Both are questionable for Week Six.


Frank Gore carried three more times from inside the five.  Owners should not worry about Colin Kaepernick’s wildcat formation vulturing too many scores.


Ryan Mathews had a very strong 69.4 elusive rating, but the Saints defense is one of the weakest.


Andre Johnson is 37th in targets among wide receivers.









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