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Fantasy Baseball Control The Draft Auction Podcast

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Lenny talks you through teams, players, news and notes. AUCTION PODCAST..”CONTROL THE DRAFT” + MUCH MORE


1. Secure last years stats & rosters for reference
2. Begin by listing ALL players you think will be drafted
a 10 team league..needs 10 1b  + 10  3rd base + 10 combo 1sr/3rd = 30 players
3. Put $ anounts next to all players
a. use tier system for player $ comparison
b. add all player $ making sure the $ anount = amount spent at draft (EXACT)
(10 teams @ $ 260 to spend = $2,600)
c allow for keepers. If Braun was $1  last year, he will be kept etc (most are obvious)
4. Using your $ amounts construct teams that work
a. Using last years stats as reference, project HR & SB. Generally, (Good HR = Good RBI, Good SB = Good runs)
b. Dont draft BA under .265
c. Dont draft ERA over 3.6   WHIP over 1.35
d.  Make MANY teams until comfortable
5. After feeling comfortable with a team you have made:
a. Select alternative player that give equivalent stats
b. not necessary to get alternates at same position
1b @ $25 along with $10 OF
may become $25 Of ..$10 1b
6. Use plus (+) minus (-) at draft
(You have Lowell valued at $20 and he goes $15 draft is under $5)
(You have Ortiz valued at $30 and he goes $35 draft is over $5)
7. If draft goes to +65 or over =  sit tight for bargains
If draft goes -65 or under = get a player
8. Don’t get caught by having only 1 player at any position who gives you stats you need


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