January 24, 2014 posted by Dan Stack

2014 Fantasy Baseball We’re all Day-to-Day: January 24th Edition

2014 Fantasy Baseball We’re all Day-to-Day: January 24th Edition
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As you prepare for fantasy baseball drafts you, of course, have to study the injury report to see which certain stars are ready to roll for the regular season and which ones who could be sidelined a little longer.

There are obviously some risks and pitfalls when relying on players coming off injuries, but like each snowflake, each injury is unique. Some injuries can debilitate one person while the next person can shake it off in no time. The severity of each injury and the prognosis for recovery is vital to know before drafting.

That said, let’s examine some players who will have injuries to overcome prior to the start of the 2014 season.

Last week we took a closer look at injuries effecting starting pitching, so in this post we’ll examine a trio of big hitters battling injuries fantasy GMs need to take note of.

Carlos Gonzalez, Colorado Rockies

Carlos Gonzalez recently had an emergency appendectomy last week, but it was no standard appendectomy as Gonzalez also had to have a minor hernia repair. This setback could put him in jeopardy of missing the start of the 2014 season.

Obviously, when he is healthy, Gonzalez is one of the best options at outfield in any format. The prognosis for recovery is somewhere in the neighborhood of 4-8 weeks. With rehab taken into consideration, Gonzalez should be primed to get back on the field by the start of the regular season.

You shouldn’t let this setback prevent you from diminishing Cargo’s draft value too much, but his injury past is still a concern.


Mark Teixeira, 1B, New York Yankees

Mark Teixeira, 1B, New York Yankees

Mark Teixeira, New York Yankees

Ever since sustaining a wrist injury prior to the 2013 season, Mark Teixeira has had a hard time overcoming it and it could hinder him once again as we approach the 2014 season.

The wrist injury has popped up once again and Teixeira could miss at least the first week of spring training. In all likelihood he should be ready for the start of the regular season, but buyer beware when it comes to drafting Teixeira this season.

At an age when it’s commonplace to break down, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that we have seen the best of the Yankees’ slugger. With so many great options at first base and ones who offer plenty of upside, Teixeira is simply not the coveted player he once was.

Draft with caution when it comes to Teixeira.

Corey Hart, Seattle Mariners

Corey Hart, 1B/DH, Seattle Mariners

Corey Hart, 1B/DH, Seattle Mariners

While he signed a nice deal with the Mariners this offseason, Hart has a lot of catching up to do before he gets back into the good graces of fantasy baseball owners.

He is coming off major knee surgery which prevented him from playing a single game in 2013. The move to DH should alleviate some injury concerns and Hart can be a very productive player who can slot in at first base and DH.

However, coming off a season in which he required major knee surgery and considering he has played in 140 games or less in four out of the last seven years, Hart definitely comes with a huge measure of risk.

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