January 22, 2013 posted by Patrick DiCaprio

Daily Rankings Notes 1/22

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Adrian Beltre, Texas Rangers, 3b

Today’s unedited ranking notes. These are my own personal notes for issues to examine for the Daily Rankings Updates, which you can get only by being a Premium Subscriber.

-Kenley Jansen being drafted ahead of League in NFBC.
-Fujikawa had 220 saves and 12 K/9, but very questionable. Carlos Marmol may be OK.
-We still like Frieri over Madson-surgery return–check CIA.
–Adrian Beltre–bet on BABIP down plus AB down in 2013.
–Joe Blanton –SLEEPER- Angels Stadium suppresses HR by 20% and much better D in LAA
Chris Tillman–By the end of the season, he was back averaging 91.0-92.0 miles per hour. He averaged 93.0-94.0 in his second and third starts-hat tip to @MikePodhorzer at
-Elvis Andrus-look for big SB rebound and only 24.
Alex Avila-2011 outlier-ignore-2010 is the real him. Don’t split the difference.
Brandon Belt-still very iffy if BABIP regresses-weak K/BB. Resist the hype.
Roger Bernadina-50 pt difference in xBA and BA-regress.
If there is one guy who might jump into first round–Jay Bruce. Only 26 and only needs small improvement.

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