January 16, 2013 posted by Patrick DiCaprio

Daily Fantasy Draft Rankings Notes and Issues

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Matt Moore, TB

Since we have daily rankings on our Premium site, we have to keep daily notes. Everyday I keep a list of all of the blurbs, news, analyses etc. that I come across that might be relevant to our rankings. This is an absolute must for any serious fantasy player, and should not stop until October.

Though our rankings are only for Premium subscribers, I can share these notes, and am going to do so in mostly unedited form. They do not need to be complicated or even grammatically correct to be useful. Once Spring Training starts I will try to post these everyday here for non-Premium subscribers. At this point there is not necessarily a relevant news item or two every day, so they will be somewhat sporadic for now. Hope they help!

And if you want to save a few bucks, you can always sign up just for Lenny’s Daily Podcast (he was voted the industry’s favorite podcaster last year by popular vote!) and our Daily Rankings. That is a lot of bang, for a few measly dollars.

Here are some of the notes I have so far:

-Matt Moore BB spike and up and down, but the 3.81 ERA, 8.9 Dom and 11 wins solid for first year

-Tommy Milone cant pitch on road and low K rate-drop
-Drew Smyly good 2H while putting up a 104 BPV (This is a metric).  Smyly fits “Brad Radke Rule?”
-Alex Cobb poor LOB% and a 13% hr/f.  but a 3.44 xERA, 2.7 K/BB, and a 92 BPV.  not an ace but solid needs more K’s
-Rubby de la ROSA–RED SOX-in rotation?
-Wade Davis–blossom with full shot in KC??
-Jake Arrieta -Good K rate and GB but, but he was killed by H%, S%, and a repeated 15% hr/f.  At age 27 still coming.
-DO NOT BELIEVE ROOKIE BA TROUT- Every rookie with the highest batting average since 2009 has seen regression in the following year?
-My favorite Pitcher Johnny Cueto- BB down K up as ages-one K/9 away from a top five fantasy pitcher, and Wins are a given.
As you can see, these are basically free-form nuggets of information that are worth noting and remembering. Just reading a list of a few hundred of these can be enough to give you a huge leg up in a draft. And there are plenty of apps you can use to sync notes across all devices so they are always handy. I use Evernote.

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