July 29, 2013 posted by Patrick DiCaprio

Closer Identifier Algorithm Results July 29

Closer Identifier Algorithm Results July 29
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No new “hits” or “misses this week but plenty of action. My full analysis will be up at tomorrow.

Pitcher CIA Result Comments
Jim   Johnson Hold Still the MLB saves leader, but   it has not been a good year.
Koji   Uehara Hold As good as he is, Uehara has   been unable to get the coveted “auto hold” status.
Addison   Reed Hold Has one of the worst LOB% among   closers.
Chris   Perez Auto Hold 8/8 in SV/SVO since his return,   and has let up only one ER. He is a new man-ignore the early season, as CIA   does.
Joaquin   Benoit Auto Hold Your new leader in SV/SVO with a   100% conversion rate in ten opportunities.
Jose   Veras Auto Hold 19 saves on a team with 35   wins?? Bad teams give lots of save chances, proportionally.
Greg   Holland Auto Hold Continues to surge up the ranks   of closers.
Ernesto   Frieri Auto Hold He could be an elite closer if   he could get his BB rate down. Closers like this can implode at any time, but   has been very good recently.
Glen   Perkins Auto Hold He is an elite closer right now.
Mariano   Rivera Auto Hold Should be able to reach his age   in saves.
Grant   Balfour Auto Hold Finally   blew a save.
Tom   Wilhelmsen Auto Hold 8/8 now in SV/SVO since he   reclaimed the job. And his K rate is flirting with respectability.
Fernando   Rodney Auto Hold Finally   broke his streak of 13 appearances without letting up an ER. Hasn’t blown a   save since May.
Joe   Nathan Auto Hold I will be shocked if he gets   traded. Contenders do not deal reliable closers.
Casey   Janssen Auto Hold Has   the second-lowest LOB% among this group. Its been a disappointing season in a   way, as he has regressed back to his career means. But he is still   rock-solid.
National   League    
Brad   Ziegler Auto Hold The team has given him the job.   Of course they did; far be it from Kirk Gibson to actually manage well. In   Ziegler’s defense he has pitched well.
Craig   Kimbrel Auto Hold Has let up one run in his last   27 appearances. And that is still not better than last year, which says a   lot.
Kevin   Gregg Hold He is in some danger of being   overworked. Has pitched 6 times in last 12 games, and in four straight, three   of which followed an outing where he faced 12 batters.
Aroldis   Chapman Auto Hold Going to be neck-and-neck with   Holland for the highest K/9. Chapman has the lead right now.
Rafael   Betancourt Auto Hold Will be out for a while, and   missing the rest of the season is possible.
Rex   Brothers Auto Hold He is 3/3 since Betancourt’s   injury. Anything is possible at this point.
Kenley   Jansen Auto Hold He   is a contender for the Best K/BB Ratio, Non-Mujica Division.
Steve   Cishek Auto Hold His resurgence is like a freight   train, and there may be no stopping it. If he keeps it up he will be among   the elite.
Francisco   Rodriguez Auto Hold Traded to the AL, and is not a   closer anymore.
Jim   Henderson Auto Hold Justice gets served as Henderson   deservedly gets the job back. But he has a short leash and Axford is looming.
Bobby   Parnell Auto Hold Even the Mets cannot screw him   up at this point, not for a lack of trying on their part.
Jonathan   Papelbon Auto Lose Keeps his bottom-tier status,   and has barely pitched, with only two appearances in the last 14 days. I   think he is in trouble.
Jason   Grilli Auto Hold What a huge disappointment, and   terrible luck for Grilli.
Mark   Melancon Auto Hold Is 2/2 since Grilli’s injury. I  am worried about HR regression, but skills say he is fine.
Huston   Street Auto Hold Skills are getting back to   respectable levels, as his K rate normalizes.
Sergio   Romo Hold Drops back to “hold”   but only because of Brandon Belt’s Bill Buckner impression.
Edward   Mujica Auto Hold The K/BB Watch is up to 19.00
Rafael   Soriano Auto Hold He has not been good recently,   but not blowing saves. So, like Heath Bell he may be more vulnerable than he   looks.
Carlos   Marmol Kelvin Herrera??  
John   Axford Kyuji Fujikawa  
Mitchell   Boggs Jim Henderson  
Shawn   Camp Oliver Perez  
Joaquin   Benoit Heath Bell  
Phil   Coke??    
Bruce   Rondon??    
Joel   Hanrahan    
Koji   Uehara    
Steve   Cishek    
Luke   Gregerson    
Mike   Dunn    
Tom   Wilhelmsen    
Francisco   Rodriguez    
Brandon   League    
Jose   Valverde    
Joe   Smith    
Andrew   Bailey    
Rex   Brothers    
Vinnie   Pestano    



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