April 14, 2014 posted by Patrick DiCaprio

Close Identifier Algorithm Results April 14, 2014

Close Identifier Algorithm Results April 14, 2014
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Here are this week’s results with commentary. There were a lot of status changes, including three job losses, all of which CIA correctly predicted. The changes are in yellow.

Pitcher CIA Result Comments
Tommy Hunter Hold Downgraded based on the blown save
Ernesto Frieri Auto Hold Finally got his first save
Josh Fields Lose 7.36 BB/9 and not clear if he has a share of the job
Chad Qualls Auto Hold Looks good so far but only one opportunity.
Jim Johnson Auto Lose Lost job-Hit
Oakland Committee Pending It is a committee and we won’t anoint anyone just yet since we do not have a clear picture. 
Sergio Santos Auto Hold K rate is north of 20(!)
John Axford Lose Downgrade after blowing a save-skills are terrible so far but its early.
Fernando Rodney Auto Hold Upgraded from “hold” and is perfect in SV/SVO.
Joakim Soria Auto Hold Nominally still the closer but has one SVO and barely meets CIA minimums
Grant Balfour Auto Hold Upgraded from “hold” and is perfect in SV/SVO.
Koji Uehara Auto Hold Maybe the best in baseball including Kimbrel et al.
Greg Holland Auto Hold Still perfect
Joe Nathan Auto Lose There may be more going on than a mere dead arm. Caveat Emptor.
Glen Perkins Hold Upgraded this week and nothing to worry about.
Matt Lindstrom Auto Lose Has been terrible and it is only a matter of time most likely.
David Robertson Auto Hold Injured
Shawn Kelley Auto Hold Don’t assume he will not keep the job.
National League     
Craig Kimbrel Auto Hold What else is there to say?
Francisco Rodriguez Auto Hold Has been great so far, with a 16.50 K rate
Trevor Rosenthal Auto Hold Rock solid in the early going
Jose Veras Auto Lose Lost job-Hit
Pedro Strop Auto Hold May be in line for the job but CIA never liked him much and still doesn’t if you look at the skill set. Situation is murky.
Addison Reed Auto Hold Perfect so far in SV/SVO
Kenley Jansen Hold Blew a save but no worries
Sergio Romo Auto Hold Still perfect
Steve Cishek Auto Hold Only 2 SVO
Jose Valverde Hold You know what to do with him and it isn’t “buy.”
Rafael Soriano Auto Hold Only 2 SVO
Huston Street Auto Hold Perennially underrated-all he does is convert saves.
Jonathan Papelbon Lose No longer “auto lose” but still in trouble.
Jason Grilli Lose No longer “auto lose” but still in trouble.
JJ Hoover Auto Lose Lost job-Hit
Jonathan Broxton Lose Named the closer-only one inning so far.
Latroy Hawkins Auto Hold Only 2 SVO
Jose Veras     
JJ Hoover    
Jim Johnson    




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