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August 12, 2014 posted by Paul Greco

2014 Fantasy Football : Paul Greco’s Man Crush QBs

2014 Fantasy Football : Paul Greco’s Man Crush QBs
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First, let me explain to you that I’m not a very good writer. I don’t like to write, was never good at it in high school and only started to focus more on it once my cousin Mark Healey and good friend Patrick DiCaprio ripped me up in their posts. I’ve been told by my college professors that I have a unique style to my writing, pretty much telling me that I was too urban with my slang to post in educational formats. Honestly, now, I don’t care. As the professional sports athletes say, “It is, what it is.” Take it or leave it, the one thing you will always get in my posts is my honest opinion and why I like or dislike a player. I don’t do it often anymore, but hopefully when I do; it will impact you and your fantasy teams and help you lead your team(s) to a championship.

Now that we’ve established that, here is a look at the QB’s I’ll be targeting for 2014. Tomorrow, QB’s I wouldn’t hand a dollar to at the strip club.

Man Crush

Tom Brady: Yes I’m a huge New York Jets fan, but I also like to win money in my fantasy football leagues. Last season Brady had to deal with wide receivers that would drop a baby if you let them hold it. This year however, even at the ripe ol’age of 37, I see value in Brady. He is being drafted in leagues in rounds six-through-eight, and if you cannot land one of the big three at the quarterback position early, my advice is to wait until at least round six to get a quality QB. I still believe that Brady has the ability to throw 35-40 touchdowns and provide your fantasy team with enough points to prove the value is still there. Let’s also not forget that the Gronk is back. Even if he has to play with his shirt on, he’s one of the most effective targets in the NFL. Finally, he has, what I believe is a great quarterback strength-of-schedule. If you don’t want to take my word for it, my wife just whispered in my ear as I’m writing this and told me he is still, “freakin’ hot.” Fantasy owners know the value of your wife’s opinion.

Matthew Stafford: Gone is offensive coordinator Scott Linehan, now with the Dallas Cowboys, but that shouldn’t matter to QB Matt Stafford. Although we’ve seen a decline in yards and an increase in INT over the last three seasons, Stafford has the weapons around him to finish as a top five QB in 2014. The addition of Golden Tate will force defenses to respect the opposite side of Calvin Johnson which should open more holes for the offense down the middle and less double-triple teams against Megatron. Like Brady, Stafford has a great strength-of-schedule this year; unlike Brady he has the weapons around him to be very dangerous this season.

Jay Cutler: “Did You Know,” that Jay Cutler last season, prior to his injury, was the sixth best QB in the NFL. Yeah, I know, unbelievable. This season, when looking at Cutler’s ADP value, it blows my mind how late he is going. The Chicago Bears have as many weapons as the Lions, yet because Cutler in the past has been labeled a “Rock Head,” by me while on SiriusXM, people are letting him slide as far as the 17th best QB on the board. If he, this is how the experts cover themselves, “can stay healthy,” he has the weapons to finish as a Top 10 QB this year. Yup, I said it. If you feel you can target him later in your draft, hoard the RB’s and WR’s in the draft early, so you don’t have to worry about the skill position later in your draft.


Sam Bradford: My deep sleeper for 2014. Coming off an injury last season, many “fantasy magazine owners” have forgotten about him. To me, he could be the one player come the end of 2014 that could finish as a Top 12 QB. I love the addition of WR Kenny Britt, who seems to have the fire back and is also one of my WR Sleeper picks. Tavon Austin is in his second-year, and is one of the most dangerous WR in the league, especially down field. Add in Zac Stacy at RB and ol’reliable TE Jared Cook and you have some pretty decent weapons. Yes, Bradford plays in a tough division, but look at it this way, if the St. Louis Rams are always down in the fourth quarter that means the Bradford will be throwing more, and what fantasy owner doesn’t like a QB that throws a lot?

Do you have a QB you really like? Drop me a comment on who and why. You can also interact with us on Facebook at

Paul finished the 2011-2012 Fantasy Football season as the #1 Weekly Rankings & Projections winner of the 411Fantasy Expert Challenge. He also finished 2nd in the Expert Draft Accuracy Challenge in 2011. Top 10 Finisher in the FSWA Fantasy Football Draft Projections. Paul is also apart of baseballs elite as a member of Tout Wars. You can follow me on Twitter @PaulGreco

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