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April 7, 2014 posted by Chuck Anderson

2014 Fantasy Baseball Weekend Wrap: Thumb’s Up?

2014 Fantasy Baseball Weekend Wrap:  Thumb’s Up?
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Two fantasy stud outfielders likely will not be faring well in any Call of Duty games in the near future.  Despite reports that he could not swing normally, Ryan Braun was in Sunday’s starting lineup.  According to CBS the long-standing issue was not resolved surgically because any procedure would have undesirable complications.  It sounds similar to what Dustin Pedroia played through last year so it is prudent to downgrade power expectations for Braun.

Yasiel Puig is headed for an MRI on his thumb after it swelled up Saturday night.  For now just watch the daily lineup cards and proceed normally.  Considering the drama that follows Puig around owners should be used to this drill.

Stephen Strasburg is two starts into his season and yet to provide a quality effort.  His velocity was significantly down on Opening Day.  He rebounded in his second start but the results were still poor.  While his strikeout and swinging strike rates are strong, his walk rate is elevated.  There are enough positives not to panic yet.

Felix Hernandez has ably dealt with diminishing velocity for a few years, but he keeps displaying elite skills.  After two 2014 starts his velocity is actually above his average from 2013.  The last two years April has been his “slowest” month, so this is a very positive sign.

Spring Training stud Mike Moustakas is not bringing the results into the games that count, going 0-15.  The good news is his O Swing% and swstr% are improved and plate discipline stats stabilize faster than many others.  They support his 1.00 K/BB ratio.  He is 0-13 on balls in play.

Rick Porcello allowed one run over 6.2 IP and induced twelve ground balls but mixed leaguers should still hesitate.  His 3/2 K/BB does not inspire complete confidence.

Joining Porcello in the impressive results, eh skills department is Kyle Gibson.  In beating Cleveland he allowed one run over five.  He deserves attention because of his prospect pedigree but a 3/4 K/BB should stop most from racing to the wire.

Adam LaRoche is off to a fine start and could offer some solid value.  His 12.6% HR/FB last year was among the lowest of his career.  25 HR/80 R/90 RBI might be a little light for a starting first baseman, but will fit the bill for most at corner infield or utility spots.

Yovani Gallardo has two walks in his first 12.2 IP.  His needs to maintain that type of control if his strikeout % stays under 20%.  His two starts were against Atlanta and Boston, so he gets a couple bonus points for facing tough competition.

Brett Anderson is not showing much to justify any sleeper buzz he received but he delivered one of the better tweets Sunday night.



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