May 20, 2014 posted by Chuck Anderson

2014 Fantasy Baseball Weekend Wrap: Pitching Injuries, Non-TJS Edition

2014 Fantasy Baseball Weekend Wrap:  Pitching Injuries, Non-TJS Edition
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Gio Gonzalez’ second straight shelling earned him a ticket to the DL.  His ERA is up over a run but the other indicators are much closer to their 2013 counterparts.  His velocity has not changed.  If he is ready to take the mound again in two weeks start him with confidence.


Hyun-Jin Ryu and Alex Cobb are expected to rejoin their respective rotations this week.  CC Sabathia, not so much.


Is Ian Desmond heating up?  His batting average is not any better in May than it was in April but there is more power and a vastly improved BB/K.  Things are indeed looking up.


C.J. Wilson’s K/BB and GB% are at their highest levels after Saturday’s complete game shutout.  There is not a large enough sample size to be sure of an improvement, but his numbers are not flukey.


Brett Gardner’s .394 BABIP is helping him post great numbers.  He is fantasy’s #11 outfielder.  This likely represents somewhat of a high water mark so looking to cash it could be wise.


Zack Wheeler is 1-4 and his K/BB is under 2.00.  He has below average chase and whiff rates.  Yearly league players can look elsewhere.


Justin Masterson throws from a low arm slot, leading to wide platoon splits.  Oakland platoons aggressively so it is no surprise they rocked him Sunday.


Sergio Romo is losing strikeouts and getting by with an extremely fortunate BABIP against and strand rate.  He plays is a strong pitcher’s park and does not throw many innings so the results could hold up all year.  Deep leaguers could easily justify picking up Santiago Casilla or Jean Machi though.


Matt Dominguez stroked two home runs Sunday.  He is taking more walks which helps his overall productivity.  Still, he is barely a top 20 third baseman.


Ankle tendonitis sent Jose Abreu to the DL.  That does not sound catastrophic, but potentially lingering.


Trevor Bauer is making two starts, vs. Detroit and at Baltimore.  That is not an easy schedule.  The best sign for Bauer is his BB/9 improvement, from 5.41 to 2.74.  Stay away in twelve team mixers, those in deeper pools can invest according to need.




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