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July 8, 2014 posted by Collin Hager

2014 Fantasy Baseball: HVaC Update, July 7th

2014 Fantasy Baseball: HVaC Update, July 7th
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Here are your updated HVaC rankings for July 7th through the remainder of the season. Some highlights:

  • Jeff Samardzija changes leagues but doesn’t lose a beat in the rankings. Expectations are he is still a borderline top-20 pitcher the rest of the way. The ballpark and the team surrounding him in Oakland will likely help him far more than continuing his time in Chicago.
  • No closer in the top-10 for the first time this season. Chasing saves the rest of the way will be a challenge. With ten or fewer weeks remaining in most regular season play, we are looking at no more than two saves per week for even the elite of the elite. Better spent compiling other stats than chasing saves in head to head leagues.
  • I will continue to rail against leveraging hot streaks as ways to view¬†a player for the rest of the season. Want a short-term fix, sure, but it is hard to judge for a given week when a player will go south. Look what happened to Josh Willingham earlier this season. The same will happen to Devin Mesoraco.

Here is the link for the rest of the ranks: HVaC Final Ranks_Flat_140707


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