May 5, 2014 posted by Collin Hager

2014 Fantasy Baseball HVaC Rankings Update

2014 Fantasy Baseball HVaC Rankings Update
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After one month of the season, here are your rankings for the rest of the year using the HVaC scoring system. The scores leverage updated ZiPS projections that can be found online.

Some highlights:

  • In the top overall hitters, Hunter Pence has made one of the biggest moves in jumping 59 spots from number 98 overall to number 39 overall. Pence has come out of the gate quickly and was already seen as a top-thirty outfielder at the beginning of the year. He has performed like it so far and the feeling here is that he is going to have it continue.
  • Alex Rios is another big mover, climbing 39 spots to number 57. Rios, when healthy, is a legitimate threat across all five categories. He represents a rare breed that can steal 20 bases, hit 20 home runs, score 85 and drive in 85. Rare to see this type of player but he is one in head-to-head formats that produces plenty of value.
  • There was reason to be concerned regarding Starlin Castro at the outset of the year. He has helped set that aside with one of the best starts at shortstop in the league. Not only has he moved himself inside the top-30 players overall, Castro projects as the number two shortstop the rest of the way.
  • I spoke at length in the Washington Post last week regarding Kyle Seager. He remains one of the strongest targets at third base the rest of the way and there is still time to add him in many formats. Seager’s power is for real and he has added a far better all around game. Bring him on now before it’s too late.
  • Weird to say that Joey Votto should be sold, but that is the opinion based on the numbers. He has fallen 26 spots to number 34 overall. His ISO mark is in line with last year, and that has the 24 home runs projection in doubt. His RBI numbers have fallen off for the rest of the year as well. With metrics like OBP, OPS, walk rate and strikeout rate in line with 2013, Votto owners that hang on could be in for a rude awakening. He is on the fringe of first base starters right now.

That said, here we go!

HVaC Final Ranks_Flat_140505


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