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April 16, 2014 posted by Collin Hager

2014 Fantasy Baseball Checking in on the HVaC

2014 Fantasy Baseball Checking in on the HVaC
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We can start to look at how some players are performing against their HVaC preseason rankings as the season enters its third full week. The system here certainly has shown a propensity to value players very differently than most of the traditional rotisserie ranking systems and for the most part it has been proven right early on. The system has been correct on some players that may have been falling on certain draft boards. There is no doubt that it is still very early to be drawing any conclusions and the sample size here is incredibly small, but it gives us a start.

Alexei Ramirez

Ramirez is the top player in the ESPN player rater right now and is leading the American League in average to this point. Add in 12 RBI and you have a guy that many dismissed as a starter making some major waves. The HVaC liked him better in AL-only leagues, but he was ranked twelfth overall at shortstop in the final numbers when factoring in players that were sent down or better qualified at other spots. Fantasy owners know he has toyed with us before, but riding a hot streak is never a bad thing. Is he a player to target in a trade? Not right now. Nor is he a sell-high option for head to head owners. This is production that should continue even if not at this type of pace.

Mark Trumbo

It may not have been a stretch to say that Trumbo was going to be a strong offensive performer, but the HVaC had him ranked above players like Prince Fielder and Adrian Gonzalez because average at first base means far less than power. Trumbo may be playing the outfield, but his eligibility at the corner makes him an interesting player. He has rewarded owners by leading the National League in home runs and RBI over the early going. What if you had to play him in the outfield? Trumbo still ranked as a top-30 outfielder, making him more than a starter in every type of format that would be found. Certainly, he may not keep up this torrid pace, but the system shows why we need to look at positional categories. Trumbo gives you what you need.

Brian Dozier

Right now, Dozier is getting killed, but the model liked him at the beginning of the season for a reason. He has already scored 13 runs despite only hitting .191 because he has walked nine times early in the season. Over the last week, he has hit .263 and has raised his average effectively in that regard. Add in four early home runs and he is a player that should be targeted now before he gets back to his normal levels. The HVaC had him as the number 12 player at second base to start the season, ahead of players like Aaron Hill and Jedd Gyorko. His balance across the categories will lend itself well to the position over the length of the year and we should not get hung up on the issues of what he has done in 47 at-bats.


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