January 14, 2013 posted by Patrick DiCaprio

2013 Rankings And Welcome To FantasyPros911!

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Hello all! As always, we will be starting off our Premium content with the first installment of our DAILY UPDATED rankings. That’s right; we will give you rankings updated every day once we get into Spring Training.  These are meant for all leagues: there are separate positional rankings for AL, NL and Mixed leagues and we will have separate head-to-head rankings. They will be posted here as they become available, and after all are posted we will have a Master Ranking Sheet that will be updated every day, and color coded, with green players going up, red players going down and new players highlighted.

Some caveats

-Players are included if they qualify with 20 games OR they have a reasonable chance at qualifying during the season.

-Rankings are for 2013 ONLY so we tend to undervalue rookies as compared to many other sites. And we think we are right.

-Unlike most rankings, position matters in ours, so a player may be ranked ahead of another at one position but behind the same player in another.

-Any player not listed is not considered draft worthy even in an “only” league.

The first set will be up in the next day or so as we kick off a great 2013! What do you get with Everyone gives information and data.  What we offer is judgment, expertise and personal customer service that is the gold standard in this industry. Paul, Lenny, Tony and I have over 100 years of experience (95 of which are Melnick’s) and are available any time for:

-Personal ONE ON ONE chats with our team of experts. We will give you as much time as you need to get ready for your drafts.

-The only 1-800 hotline in the industry. You can even call us up (as many subscribers do) in the middle of your draft or auction for advice.

-Instant e-mail service-we respond to every e-mail within minutes, usually as immediately as we can.

-And you get this ALL SEASON not just in March.

Thats it! There is a reason why Dave Potts, the NFBC champion, has subscribed with us since day one (and even wrote a song for us). You can get the best advice from the best experts anytime without delay. That is what we are all about.


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