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September 28, 2012 posted by Collin Hager

2012 Fantasy Football: Survive and Advance, Wk 4

2012 Fantasy Football: Survive and Advance, Wk 4
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Houston Texans RB Arian Foster

Houston Texans RB Arian Foster

With the growing popularity of Survivor Pools, is here to help. Each week we will look at the key games. There will be a pick of the week, some safe bets, a few games to avoid, and a trap game.

After last week, many of you probably feel I owe you money. Nothing good to report. Like Bill Belichick says, we just have to get better in all phases of the game. I happen to be in a pool of about 3,000 entries (no joke, it even has a website). I put in five entries every year and I’m sitting here with two left and we are only in Week Four. Overall, last week killed nearly 70 percent of the remaining entries. When so many favorites lose, this is what we are left with.

I feel the pain. Just have to get back on the horse.

Pick of the Week (1-2)

Texans (vs. Titans) – There is not a team in the AFC that has been more consistent than the Texans. Add in the fact that the Titans looked awful against the run last week and this week draw one of the strongest tandems in football and you have a disaster on your hands. The Texans add a strong enough passing attack that the Titans will need to play them honest. Best matchup to take here.

Safest Bets (9-3…ugly week last week)

Ravens (vs. Browns) – Well I will be posting this after the game ends, so the hope is that I get to be right here. The Ravens are just too strong at home and the Browns will not be able to pick apart this defense by a long shot. Cleveland has not beaten the Ravens since 2007 and has not exactly faced the NFL’s elite so far this season.

Patriots (@ Bills) – I do not necessarily like what I see out of the New England offense, but they certainly should have enough to beat Buffalo. While the Bills will put up points against a still struggling secondary, the defense will not have enough to contain Tom Brady. Add in the fact that the Pats are 10-2 in their last 12 games at Buffalo and I will take the Patriots.

Cardinals (vs. Dolphins) – Miami has given up over 650 yards passing in the last two games. While they have completely shut down the run, Arizona is not proving to be a running team to this point. The Dolphins could still be without Reggie Bush and they have struggled to find overall consistency on offense. With the travel out West and the way the Cardinals have played, take Arizona in this one.

Packers (vs. Saints) – Think there is a team that may enter with a chip on their shoulder? The Packers have proven to have one of the better pass defenses in the league and the Saints have surprisingly had issues getting some of their playmakers the ball. This is a borderline play, but one of the best of the remaining matchups. I would have had to use all four teams above before going here though.

Keep Away

Lions (vs. Vikings) – Beating the 49ers was no fluke for the Vikings. They will pound the ball all afternoon against Detroit. The Vikings have lost their last 11 division games, but taking a matchup inside the NFC North is a tough one. With Matthew Stafford’s status in doubt and with the matchup being on the road, keep away.

Chargers (@ Chiefs) – Are the Chargers the team that started 2-0 or the one that was dominated at home by the Falcons? The Chiefs have beaten the Chargers the last two times they have played in Kansas City. It is more than likely the Chargers fooled us the first two weeks. Given their injury concerns at running back and tight end, it is a distinct possibility.

Broncos (vs. Raiders) – Another dangerous division game. Darren McFadden has put up nearly 150 yards per game against the Broncos in his last three games. Though they could be without Darius Heyward-Bey, the Raiders have been able to put up points. Though the Broncos are facing one of the worst pass defenses through the first four weeks, it is not a gimme type of game. By the way, the Raiders have won their last four in Denver.

Bears (@ Cowboys) – While there is not much to like about the way the Cowboys have played, the Bears offense has been Jekyl and Hyde through three weeks. Both teams have shown strong play at receiver but both defensive lines are unlikely to give the quarterbacks much time to throw the football. Dallas has had the second-best pass defense early which could limit the Chicago offense. Add in a running game without Matt Forte and this is a tough matchup on the road for the Bears.

Trap Game

49ers (@ Jets) – While the Jets may have escaped last week, they showed positive signs against the Dolphins. In addition, the 49ers have to travel across the country and play the early game on the east coast. This is not something that goes well for the most part. The 49ers are the better team, but it has been proven time and again that this time slot is brutal for Pacific Coast teams.


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