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September 21, 2012 posted by Collin Hager

2012 Fantasy Football: Survive and Advance, Wk 3

2012 Fantasy Football: Survive and Advance, Wk 3
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Alex Smith, San Francisco 49ers

With the growing popularity of Survivor Pools, is here to help. Each week we will look at the key games. There will be a pick of the week, some safe bets, a few games to avoid, and a trap game.

Since a couple have asked via Twitter, the safer bets are listed in the order I would take them. Should help as you look at teams you have used over the course of the season.

Pick of the Week (1-1)

49ers (@ Vikings) – No one seems to be able to stay on the same field with the 49ers through the first two weeks. While it is a solid matchup, there is reason to be a little concerned given that San Francisco will be playing the early game in the Central time zone. A little. That said, the 49ers have the best run defense in the league. They controlled both games so far this season. I would not bet on Christian Ponder to beat them just yet.

Safer Bets (8-0)

Saints (vs. Chiefs) – I know the Saints have looked bad, but the Chiefs have been worse. Kansas City scored against the Bills in garbage time last week, meaning the 18 point loss was not even that close. The Saints have had issues on defense, not offense. The Chiefs have an in-the-pocket quarterback that should make life much easier for them. At home, they do not drop to 0-3.

Bears (vs. Rams) – Everyone is concerned about Jay Cutler and the way he acted last game. The Rams, though, are not good and will be on the road. The Bears have too much talent and play far too well at home for anyone to be overly nervous. Both running games are suspect right now and with that in mind, I’ll take the better defense and the better passing attack without thinking twice.

Lions (@ Titans) – The Lions will get back several key members of the secondary and will get a boost in the running game with Mikel Leshoure. The offense has not been clicking, but this is a team that has at least shown signs of life. The Titans have just been awful. The teams have not played since 2008 and both are decidedly different than they were at that point. With a young quarterback and no running game to speak of, the Lions seem to be in strong shape here.

Steelers (@ Raiders) – I am concerned that the Steelers may again be without two of their key defensive players, but did you see how bad Oakland looked against Miami? The Raiders have not been able to find the end zone on offense and playing the Steelers is not a recipe to find that, banged up or not. Pittsburgh may have to travel across the country, but this is a team far better on paper than Oakland.

Keep Away

Texans (@ Broncos) – People will look at how Peyton Manning played last weekend and think this is a win for Houston. Remember that just the week before Manning had no issues against Pittsburgh at home. Houston’s defense has been stellar so far, but Mile High is a different animal. There are better matchups later this season to use the Texans.

Falcons (@ Chargers) – Yes, the Falcons have looked good, but with the issues surrounding Michael Turner and the Chargers playing solid football early on, this is not going to be an easy game. San Diego will get back Ryan Matthews which will drastically help the running game. They have looked good through the air and this will help the attack.

Eagles (@ Cardinals) – I would stay away from both teams here, but this is not the spot to look at taking Philadelphia. The Cardinals are going to be a sexy pick because of the way they manhandled New England defensively. Add in the issues that the Eagles have at Wide Receiver and this seems like a win for Arizona at home. They are better defensively than you think and I guarantee that Larry Fitzgerald will be a far bigger factor this week than he was last.

Packers (@ Seahawks) – The Packers just haven’t been consistent over the first two weeks. The Seahawks have played well at home and put up a strong pass defense against the Cowboys last week. The Seattle running game coupled with a mobile quarterback will make this a tighter game than you might think.

Trap Game

Cowboys (vs. Buccaneers) – People will look at the line and see Dallas as a near nine point favorite and think they should win. They are at home on top of it right? Wrong. There has been a lot of inconsistent play on offense for the Cowboys. The Buccaneers were a bad quarter away from a win against the Giants last week. The addition of Vincent Jackson has made the offense dangerous. Dallas was destroyed on both sides of the ball last week after controlling the Giants in Week One. Too Jekyl and Hyde for a survivor selection right now.


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