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December 11, 2012 posted by Collin Hager

2012 Fantasy Football: Survive and Advance, Wk 14

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With the growing popularity of Survivor Pools, is here to help. Each week we will look at the key games. There will be a pick of the week, some safe bets, a few games to avoid, and a trap game.

Some high-profile games this week and those of you alive are looking to close out a win. Here we go!

Pick of the Week (9-2, 1-0 last week)

49ers (vs. Dolphins) – The Dolphins are having issues along the offensive line and will be without starting left tackle Jake Long. Defensively, the Dolphins have issues in the secondary and adding a mobile quarterback to the mix will be an issue. With the 49ers being 4-1-1 at home and Miami at just 2-4 on the road, easy bet on the 49ers here.

Safest Bets (33-11, 2-2 last week)

Steelers (vs. Chargers) – This San Diego team is just bad. They have no running game at this point and Norv Turner seems content to let Ryan Matthews rot away. The return of Ben Roethlisberger will certainly help the offense as well. The losses in the secondary for the Steelers will hurt, but a slower San Diego attack will give them the boost they need.

Falcons (@ Carolina) – The Panthers are just 1-5 at home while the Falcons are 5-1 on the road. Though the Falcons have locked up a playoff spot but are still playing to lock up home field advantage throughout and should keep playing hard as a result. Atlanta has a five-game winning streak in this series.

Packers (vs. Lions) – I hate to make this overly simple, but it really boils down to just one major point that makes this one pretty straight-forward. The Lions have lost their last 21 games at Lambeau Field. Got that from ESPN and I think it sums everything up nicely.

Bears (@ Vikings) – While the Vikings are 5-1 at home this season, they have lost their last five to the Bears in this series. Where it looks like Minnesota will again be without Percy Harvin, it will make the offense look pedestrian and allow the Bears to focus on stopping Adrian Peterson.

Keep Away

Cowboys (@ Bengals) – This is going to be a challenging one to call now. The Cowboys are now playing for something bigger in the way the Chiefs were last weekend. Still, the Cincinnati defense has been strong over the last three weeks and their rushing attack has allowed them to keep control of the ball. Add in A.J. Green against a Dallas secondary that is very beatable and this is a tough matchup for the Cowboys.

Texans (@ Patriots) – This just has stay away written all over it. Regardless as to which side you want to go with here, the offenses are going to put up points here. Houston will have no issues beating the New England secondary. It will be a matter as to if the Texans defense can find a way to stop Tom Brady.

Seahawks (vs. Cardinals) – Division matchups out west here seem to be a challenge to call. Whether it is the Rams, the 49ers, or the two teams here, it has been tough to call what happens in the NFC West. In fact, the teams have split their last six meetings. Just one to avoid, regardless as to if it looks good on paper.

Giants (vs. Saints) – Every game is must win (again) for the Giants but they have dropped three of their last four games. The Saints have an offense that can still make defenses look silly and they are still looking for a late push to the playoffs. The Giants are better at home than they are on the road, but the Saints are desperate and need the win badly. Never underestimate a desperate team.

Trap Game

Ravens (@ Redskins) – No Terrell Suggs and no Ray Lewis for Baltimore will provide more breathing room for the Redskins. Add in that there is no quarterback that the Ravens have played that has a style like Robert Griffin III and you could have a slightly challenging proposition for a defense nowhere near as elite as it has been. For certain, the secondary is exposed in Washington, but Baltimore has not been a team that puts up yards through the air.


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