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September 12, 2012 posted by Collin Hager

2012 Fantasy Football: Players in the News, Sept. 12th

2012 Fantasy Football: Players in the News, Sept. 12th
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Brandon Weeden, Cleveland Browns QB

Each week, this space will take a look at the key players in the headlines that will have some sort of impact on your fantasy decisions. That simply could be upgrading a passing game, a player missing due to a suspension or injury, or notes about key happenings in practice. Whatever the news, come here each Wednesday to take stock of what happened and what the good word is as the next weekend’s games approach.

Remember, another Thursday game this week so make sure you react accordingly as practices happen and the news comes out.

  • Despite the disaster of the first week, the Browns continue to say they will stick with Brandon Weeden at quarterback. His four interceptions were ugly and it will continue to allow defenses to focus on making Weeden beat them. The Cleveland receivers were called out by their coach as not fighting for the ball as well. This week again watch the line of scrimmage get stacked up and few runways for Trent Richardson until Weeden gets going.
  • Looks like the Cardinals will be forced to play Kevin Kolb after all. While John Skelton has not been ruled out for Sunday against the Patriots, it is being reported he will miss at least two weeks with an ankle sprain. Kolb played well enough to lose the job during the pre-season so this should not be met with great news for anyone involved.
  • One of the hot grabs this week on the waiver wire will be Alfred Morris. The rookie was the primary runner for Washington, but always be careful. Morris ran for under 3.5 yards per carry and that was with 28 changes to run the ball. Add to that, we all know that it is a proven fact that Mike Shanahan hates fantasy football owners.
  • I like what we saw out of the Falcons offense as much as the next guy, but John Clayton points out that we still need to be careful in calling this the return of the Greatest Show on Turf. The Chiefs were without three key starters – their nose tackle, Tamba Hali, and Brandon Flowers. Those are big holes to try to fill and that all equates to greater opportunity for Matt Ryan.
  • While many are agreeing that there is no true set timetable for Fred Jackson’s return, there is little doubt he is missing the next three weeks at a minimum. Jackson is another running back that many fail to realize is just as fragile as a guy like Darren McFadden. This will be the second year in a row where Jackson will miss significant time. Add in the season-ending injury for David Nelson and the Buffalo offense is suddenly more manageable for defenses.
  • After saying that Maurice Jones-Drew would only be a third down option, the Jaguars were forced to put him into duty after an injury to Rashad Jennings. This likely means that we are done watching Jacksonville easy Jones-Drew into action. If he was good enough to get the carries in Week One, nothing should change in Week Two.
  • In New England, a key piece making news is the reliance on the running game. While BenJarvus Green-Ellis was solid last season, he was not relied upon in the way we saw Stevan Ridley get carries this weekend. The Patriots, for them, shut the passing attack down and went to a run-heavy attack. Ridley was actually used to open up the passing even earlier. Think how New England used the passing game in the past: short quick passes substituted for a lack of ground game. Having this may make that less relevant…and could be bad news for Wes Welker. The Boston papers took notice of that.

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