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December 6, 2012 posted by Collin Hager

2012 Fantasy Football: Making Headlines, Wk 14

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Each week, this space will take a look at the key players in the news that will have some sort of impact on your fantasy decisions. That impact could be upgrading a passing game, a player missing due to a suspension or injury, or notes about key happenings in practice. Whatever the news, come here each Wednesday to take stock of what happened and what the good word is as the next weekend’s games approach.

  • The Jets have decided to stick with Mark Sanchez at quarterback this week against the Jaguars. While there was little upside to benching him in terms of offense, this continues to show that there are simply no other options available. While a receiver like Jeremy Kerley ends up with some upside against a porous pass defense, there is not enough consistency to get excited about.
  • The Ravens continue to get hit hard defensively. There is now news that Terrell Suggs has a torn biceps. Though he is hoping to play through the injury, he is awaiting word from doctors as to what will be possible. Baltimore struggled against Pittsburgh, especially against tight end Heath Miller in the intermediate routes. Another loss is going to further expose an aging part of the defense. The good news is Ray Lewis will practice on Wednesday.
  • Because the Patriots have such a potent offense, I like to give a tidbit from the inner sanctum that is Boston sports radio. This morning the discussion was on the loss of Julian Edelman and who will get the reps. The working theory is to expect an uptick in Brandon Lloyd’s targets first as those had been largely given to Edelman. Second note was that the Patriots are going to continue to use Daniel Fells as the second tight end opposite Aaron Hernandez. Not just for his receiving skills here as the Pats feel what Hernandez did on the line can hardly be called “blocking.”
  • When you have a secondary already giving up 300 passing yards per game, dealing with another issue is not welcomed. Yet here we have the Redskins now working through the suspension of Cedric Griffin for four games due to a violation of the performance-enhancing drug policy. Should be noted that Griffin largely is the third corner but the Redskins see a lot of multi-receiver looks, putting him on the field too much already. Now he is likely replaced by a rookie. Might want to start receivers against this Washington team. Just maybe.
  • It is still uncertain as to whether or not Ben Roethlisberger will return as starting quarterback this weekend, but the Steelers are indicating that he is trending that way. Though Mike Tomlin indicated that they are preparing with Charlie Batch as the starter, Roethlisberger was throwing on Monday and will no doubt push himself to get ready as if he is playing this weekend.
  • Rumors are swirling that the Bears will be without Brian Urlacher the rest of the season due to a hamstring injury.  While Urlacher is looking to rest only two to four weeks, the latter will put him into playoff territory and needing to be ready to go full speed without much preparation. In addition, like a receiver, there is a concern from some writers that this will linger and hurt the versatility that he has been able to bring to the table for so long.
  • The Eagles have made the call to stick with Nick Foles at quarterback the rest of the season. Though Michael Vick is still recovering, it does not seem to matter how fast he were to return given the way Andy Reid put his comments. Foles threw well on Sunday night, but will deal with the same problems that have plagued the Eagles so far this season along the line. Bryce Brown will help for the time being though a return of LeSean McCoy may be what is needed to take more of the pressure off. End of the day, this makes the Eagles far more reliant on the guys carrying the football.

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