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November 8, 2012 posted by Dan Leason

2012 Fantasy Football : Busts For Week 10

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Good work, Shanny.. Not only are you a fantasy enigma, you basically tell your team, with a high profile, incredibly productive rookie QB to toss up the white flag after the recent loss to the Carolina Panthers. That actually throws up the red flag for me, and apparently for many of the Redskins players who were not thrilled with their head coach’s post-game declaration.

Not exactly the message you want to send with a solid group of young talent in general, let alone on a team in a division that is still up for grabs.

These guys below may be projected busts, but don’t pull a Shanny! Keep fighting, as fantasy football is a strange, strange beast. A beast that changes it’s spots on a weekly, if not daily basis. Stay strong. We’ll have NO white flag waving here!!


Philadelphia Eagles QB Michael Vick

QB Jay Cutler, Chicago Bears – This isn’t the Titans defense, Jay. A few mistakes here against the Houston Texans and it could make for a long afternoon to say the least. The sweet connection of Cutler to Marshall last week could hit a rough patch in week ten and that is something to be mindful of.

QB Michael Vick, Philadelphia Eagles – It’s a shame really. He is a quality talent, despite what you hear on local sports radio, but the fact that he is playing behind an offensive line that resembles more of a saloon door is the issue. It is difficult to run the offense when after every snap he’s literally running for his life. Four-fifths of the Eagles offensive line is populated by rookies and backup talent due to an endless parade of injuries. Facing a formidable defensive line like Dallas, Vick might need a jet-pack to get out of harm’s way. And do I have to remind anyone that the lowly Saints defense had SEVEN sacks this past Monday?

QB Matt Schaub, Houston Texans  – Like the Bears, Schaub and the Texans are facing a much more difficult opponent this week than last. Expect the Bears to present much more of a challenge to his success than the Buffalo Bills did in week nine. That said we could have a Super Bowl preview, which is pretty exciting.

Running Backs

Kansas City Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles

RB Jamal Charles, Kansas City Chiefs – As dismal the Chiefs play has been in recent weeks, the fact that they would seemingly steer away from feeding their best player on a consistent basis is quite troubling. That aside, his recent play has been suspect, he is dealing with nagging injury issues, and this week faces the Pittsburgh Steelers on the road. Talk about having the chips stacked against you… 

RB Chris Ivory, New Orleans Saints – This game has shootout written all over it. Despite the Falcons issues against the run, look for the Saints running game to take a decided back seat to the passing attack this week. That affects all of the New Orleans running backs, most notably Ivory as he seems to be one of the waiver wire darlings this week. Bottom line, the run will be abandoned sooner as opposed to later.

RB Steven Jackson, St. Louis Rams – The cross between an underachieving running back who cannot find the end zone and one of the league’s best teams at stopping the run is not a good thing. I am not overly optimistic that Jackson will eclipse even 50 yards on the ground let alone score a touchdown.

St. Louis Rams RB Steven Jackson

RB Shonn Greene, New York Jets – He teases with a decent game here and there, but don’t get over-excited. This week the carriage turns back into a pumpkin against a stout Seattle Seahawks defense playing at home. The only plus is the fact that RB Joe McKnight is unlikely to play and steal  carries, but it really won’t matter.

Wide Receivers

WR Dwayne Bowe, Kansas City Chiefs – This is not a knock on Bowe as much as it is a genuine concern for QB Matt Cassel’s inability to handle the pressure from the Steelers pass rush. The lack of time to look down field and make a throw will obviously have a negative impact on Bowe. Stranger things have happened before on Monday Night Football, but I wouldn’t bank on it.

WR Jeremy Maclin, Philadelphia Eagles – Not coming close to possessing the blazing speed that his teammate WR Desean Jackson has, yet still playing the deeper down field role, the lack of time afforded the quarterback to throw the ball is having an adverse effect on Maclin. Don’t look for much of a difference this week against the Cowboys, who despite a myriad of issues in their own right, can get after the quarterback. This lack ot time to allow plays to develop deep does not make Maclin a fantasy-friendly option.

New York Jets WR Jeremy Kerley

WR Jeremy Kerley, New York Jets – Maybe my pessimism will work in the Jets favor this weekend. Yeah, probably not. The Seattle corners are very physical and that could make for a frustrating afternoon for Kerley and the rest of the Jets wideouts. I’d steer completely away from every skill position player from the Jets this weekend. I am fairly certain it won’t be a fantasy fruitful afternoon.

WR Danny Amendola, St. Louis Rams – He is apparently back and healthy after missing a number of games with the shoulder injury. While I am glad he is back, he has been away from game action for a little bit and gets to line up against a pretty tough defense in the San Francisco 49ers. While I agree he is one of the Rams top options at receiver, if not the top option, it may be too optimistic to think that he’ll come back and make fantasy headlines.

Tight Ends

Hello, My Name Is: Dennis Pitta, TE Baltimore Ravens

TE Owen Daniels, Houston Texans – He has been a solid option this year, but with the strength of the Bears defense in the middle of the field, Daniels could be headed for a mediocre afternoon.

TE Dennis Pitta, Baltimore Ravens – Wow, where has this guy gone? Heck, not even a TE Ed Dickson sighting.. The Ravens still have a TE, right? Until one of these guys establishes himself as a viable option again to QB Joe Flacco, you’ll want to stay clear.

Have a good week and enjoy the games!!

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