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August 16, 2012 posted by Dan Stack

2012 Fantasy Football: Blair Thomas Award-Running Back Busts (Fourth Edition)

2012 Fantasy Football: Blair Thomas Award-Running Back Busts (Fourth Edition)
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DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart, Carolina Panthers, RB

You’re all familiar with Blair Thomas right?

Well, if you weren’t aware of who he is, Thomas was a celebrated running back out of Penn State who was drafted by the New York Jets with the second overall pick in 1990.

Thomas’ hype was off the charts (think Trent Richardson of today), but he never lived up to his billing, only rushing for 2,236 yards and scoring seven touchdowns in six seasons.

When it comes to fantasy, you always want to stay away from busts (like the infamous Blair Thomas) and in this column we will evaluate three running backs with enough red flags to be considered Thomas-like busts.

DeAngelo Williams/Jonathan Stewart: Carolina Panthers

While either DeAngelo Williams or Jonathan Stewart can perhaps finally separate himself from the pack, the Panthers’ running back committee is one muddled mess I intend to avoid on draft day.

Both backs are talented but between them sharing carries in addition to some of the injuries they have sustained in the last couple of years, neither has really realized their full potential. It’s maddening to figure out which back to go with on Sunday and it’s probably best to avoid them altogether on Draft Day.

Besides, with Cam Newton developing into a goal-line vulture himself, the value of Williams and Stewart is at an all-time low.

James Starks, Green Bay packers, RB

James Starks: Green Bay Packers

The combination of Starks now suffering from turf toe, the Packers signing Cedric Benson and coupled with him not doing much in camp prior to his injury, Starks is dropping like a stone on Draft Day.

It’s not like Starks showed a lot of promise last year anyway. Between injuries, inconsistencies and the fact that the Packers all but abandoned the run on most occasions, Starks never got into a groove last year, only rushing for 578 yards and scoring just one touchdown.

With the Packers being all about the pass and with Starks having to share carries with Benson, Alex Green and John Kuhn (especially at the goal line), he is a player to skip over on Draft Day.

Daniel Thomas: Miami Dolphins

In a previous column, I listed Reggie Bush as a running back to avoid. Now that I had time to think about it and watch camp unfold, I think I made a mistake in labeling Bush a bust.

With that said, I’m now leaning toward declaring Daniel Thomas as someone who should persona non grata on your fantasy squad.

Bush has been getting rave reviews in camp with Thomas doing nothing to impress the new coaching staff. Apparently the offense will once again run through Bush, with Thomas only getting a couple of token carries.

If Thomas is not careful, he could fall behind rookie Lamar Miller on the Dolphins’ running back depth chart. So, as long as Bush stays healthy, the only reason for drafting Thomas is if you need him as a handcuff to Bush.

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