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August 31, 2012 posted by Collin Hager

2012 Fantasy Football: ADP Update, August 30th

2012 Fantasy Football: ADP Update, August 30th
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Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints, QB

Just over a week to go until the season starts. While most drafts likely took place last weekend, getting them in over the long weekend holiday will still be an order for others. Staying updated on what goes on over the next few days is still of primary importance. Every team will be making cuts. Though the players impacted should not be in a fantasy radar, there is always a surprise. In addition, there is certainly the concern as to what could happen in the final preseason game. Stay close to the newswires!

Here is what has happened in drafts over the last week:

  • There is a clearly defined top-eight at this point then a substantial gap to the next tier. Both Darren McFadden and Tom Brady have an ADP around 7.50. At number nine off the board, DeMarco Murray’s ADP is just north of 11. Without a pick in this part of the draft, an owner should start thinking about Murray, Drew Brees, an elite Tight End, or “second” tier running back.
  • How does the top-eight break down? Two quarterbacks (Brady and Aaron Rodgers), five running backs, and one wide receiver. Of the eight, not one has been selected lower than tenth overall in any of the 60 drafts aggregated.
  • Speaking of tight ends, we continue to see both Rob Gronkowski and Jimmy Graham shoot up draft boards. The two are the 13th and 12th players coming off the board, respectively. Basically that means there is a need to spend a second round pick to get them. Keep that in mind if you are hoping they may slip. Even at their low points, but go in the mid-20’s.
  • The early rounds are still incredibly heavy on running backs. Only three wide receivers are going inside the top-25 overall and not one is selected between Calvin Johnson at six and Larry Fitzgerald at 22. That means six quarterbacks, two tight ends, three wide receivers, and 14 running backs in the first 25 selections.
  • That is not to say you should be afraid to deviate and take another position. Primary runners such as BenJarvus Green-Ellis, Shonn Greene, and Willis McGahee are all available after pick 40. In many drafts, Darren Sproles, Isaac Redman, and Beanie Wells are all hanging around at this point as well and all three will be major impact players.
  • When looking for an impact within the season, fantasy owners are placing their bets on Robert Griffin III and not Andrew Luck. Though RGIII has a relatively wide span with a 65 pick difference between his high and low, the Washington quarterback comes off the board 61st overall while Luck is 98th.
  • Plenty of new names on the list at the bottom of the top-100 selections, the bulk of who are tight ends. Jared Cook, Owen Daniels, Tony Gonzalez, and Brent Celek all enter the list this week. That means with these additions we now have 14 tight ends going within the first 100 picks overall.
  • At pick 23 overall, Doug Martin is being viewed by many as a number one or two option for a team at running back. Seems like a lot of risk given his rookie status and shaky offensive line. He is the second rookie runner behind Trent Richardson. One has to wonder if the value for David Wilson at 94th overall may make a bit more sense.
  • Do not expect to be able to wait to grab Fred Davis. The announcement that Chris Cooley has been let go by the Redskins firmly places him as the team’s number one option at the position. Fantasy owners have responded and his draft spot jumped 20 positions to number 55 overall.
  • The breakdown of the first 100? 14 tight ends, 16 quarterbacks, 31 wide receivers, and 39 running backs.

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