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August 10, 2012 posted by Collin Hager

2012 Fantasy Football: ADP Report, August 10th

2012 Fantasy Football: ADP Report, August 10th
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Ray Rice, Baltimore Ravens RB

It is amazing how quickly people react to news, especially in the fantasy world. It makes sense that professional teams are ready for such quick changes, but you would think it would take longer to move the needle of such a big group of fantasy owners. Not the case! The moves we are seeing in some players this week emphasize how fast the reactions are when we digest news from training camp.

While there are always changes, there seems to be a moderate amount of stability around the top portion of the draft. That should be good news for owners as they will be able to firm up what should happen as the first round unfolds.

Check out what you need to know from the latest ADP reports.

  • The rash of injuries in Detroit led the Lions to put Kevin Smith at the top of the depth chart at Running Back. Smith became a necessity for the team last season for largely the same reason. The move this year had prompted a 1.5 pick jump up this week to 88 overall.
  • Though Jahvid Best has been cleared, his latest injuries have him falling back to pick 71.
  • Trent Richardson continues to fall to the fringes of the top-ten. His latest injury coupled with more information overall for fantasy owners has him falling another full spot from last week. Richardson now has an ADP of 10.56. That still puts him tenth overall, but it shows the growing concern fantasy owners have with the Cleveland rookie.
  • A.J. Green took a tumble this week, falling four spots and now sporting an ADP of 31.1. Tough one to understand. He had a strong rookie campaign and had to play a primary role in the offense. With another year under his belt the assumption would be he would continue to perform at a high level. He is now going behind Greg Jennings and barely ahead of Andre Johnson.
  • We talked last week regarding some of the major spans between the high and low picks. One player we did not touch on was Chris Johnson in Tennessee. Johnson has gone as high as pick five and as low as pick 25. Last year he missed the bulk of training camp and still managed 1,500 total yards. Makes sense that he should be looked at as a top back and going at number eight overall still works.
  • The top-five selections have continued to be incredibly consistent. There should be little doubt that nearly all drafts will see Arian Foster, LeSean McCoy, and Ray Rice go in some order in the first three picks. There is some variability in spots four and five with Maurice Jones-Drew and Ryan Matthews seeing a 13 and 15 pick span between their high and low selections respectively. The point? Running backs continue to lead the way.
  • Further harping on this, only four players have gone number one overall in any drafts. Foster, McCoy, Rice, and Aaron Rodgers. Jones-Drew, Matthews, Calvin Johnson, and Drew Brees have gone as high as number four overall. No other player beyond the running back trio above has gone at either one, two, or three overall.

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