January 16, 2012 posted by Albert Lang

2012 Fantasy Baseball SS Rankings – H2H

2012 Fantasy Baseball SS Rankings – H2H
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Jose Reyes, Miami Marlins SS

For awhile there it seemed that shortstop wasn’t going to continue to be the perennial runt of the litter when it came to fantasy baseball positions. But, really, it’s back to being the dregs. There are about three trustworthy stars at the position (and that includes Hanley Ramirez and injury-risk extraordinaire Jose Reyes). In addition, unlike second or third base, there doesn’t appear to be a cadre of young players waiting in the wings to take over.

In reality, I’m actually going to tab an ancient one (who really has no business playing short) as the best value for your buck: Derek Jeter. If you think quickly, Jeter had a bad year, right? Well, not so fast. He scored 84 runs (the sixth most at his position), had 61 RBIs (ninth best among SS), and batted .297 (fifth best). Over the last three years, he has averaged a .300/.367/.408 line with 101 runs, 65 RBIs and 21 SBs. Now, as his age has gone up, his SBs have gone down. Still, he did manage 16 thefts in just 131 games last year. I see no reason why a healthy Jeter can’t bat .295 with 10 HRs and 18 SBs. He’ll score 90 – 100 runs and add a decent amount of RBIs. In addition, even if he slacks off a bit, the runs will be there. He could be the safest fantasy baseball shortstop there is.


ARI1428 = WORST6252010
ATL1 = Best1 = Best8184 = Best3 = Best
BAL28 = WORST2128 = WORST2331 = WORST31 = WORST
BUF27252230 = WORST1924
CAR4 = Best71213156
CHI5 = Best183 = Best103 = Best19
CIN32 = WORST31 = WORST32 = WORST2129 = WORST14
CLE29 = WORST20271730 = WORST22
DEN1792031 = WORST2729 = WORST
DET1330 = WORST781313
GB11275 = Best28 = WORST1 = Best5 = Best
HOU1214141 = Best1011
IND2124232 = Best2328 = WORST
JAX917115 = Best1227
KC104 = Best1719147
NE30 = WORST2230 = WORST9112 = Best
NO2 = Best2 = Best961715
NYG2616241632 = WORST32 = WORST
NYJ2026161128 = WORST30 = WORST
OAK241229 = WORST262117
PIT31 = WORST1531 = WORST222221
SD223 = Best2629 = WORST169
SEA6231 = Best245 = Best8
SF7132 = Best202 = Best1 = Best
STL829 = WORST104 = Best94 = Best
TB3 = Best5 = Best4 = Best27716
TEN1632 = WORST153 = Best1818
WAS1861932 = WORST2523


For a downloadable version of the rankings, please visit here.

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