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2012 Fantasy Baseball RP Rankings – H2H

2012 Fantasy Baseball RP Rankings – H2H
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Mariano Rivera, New York Yankees Closer


It seems people tend to devalue closers in h2h fantasy baseball leagues (“never pay for saves”), viewing them as one-category wonders that can’t be trusted to either retain their job or finish games consistently from week to week.

While the latter half of that statement might be true, that doesn’t mean closers lack value. And there is a difference between “never paying for saves” and valuing closers.

For example, every week you have to maximize your results in the pitching categories. It’s incredibly hard to secure wins and Ks while maintaining a strong ERA and WHIP. So, typically, you are gaining two of the categories starters have more impact on, while sacrificing the other two. That makes saves the tie-breaker.


1QB Aaron Rodgers, GB
2QB Tom Brady, NE
3QB Drew Brees, NO
4QB Matthew Stafford, DET
5QB Cam Newton, CAR
6QB Michael Vick, PHI
7QB Tony Romo, DAL
8QB Eli Manning, NYG
9QB Philip Rivers, SD
10QB Peyton Manning, DEN
11QB Matt Ryan, ATL
12QB Ben Roethlisberger, PIT
13QB Matt Schaub, HOU
14QB Jay Cutler, CHI
15QB Josh Freeman, TB
16QB Robert Griffin III, WAS
17QB Andy Dalton, CIN
18QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, BUF
19QB Carson Palmer, OAK
20QB Joe Flacco, BAL
21QB Sam Bradford, STL
22QB Alex Smith, SF
23QB Matt Cassel, KC
24QB Matt Flynn, SEA
25QB Andrew Luck, IND
26QB Mark Sanchez, NYJ
27QB Christian Ponder, MIN
28QB Kevin Kolb, ARI
29QB Jake Locker, TEN
30QB Brandon Weeden, CLE
31QB Blaine Gabbert, JAX
32QB Matt Hasselbeck, TEN
33QB Colt McCoy, CLE
34QB Chad Henne, JAX
35QB John Skelton, ARI
36QB Matt Moore, MIA
37QB Ryan Tannehill, MIA
38QB Tim Tebow, NYJ
39QB David Garrard, MIA
40QB Joe Webb, MIN
40QB Tarvaris Jackson, SEA


For a downloadable version of the rankings, please visit here.

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