September 27, 2012 posted by Collin Hager

2012 Fantasy Baseball: HVaC Update, Sept. 27th

2012 Fantasy Baseball: HVaC Update, Sept. 27th
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Chase Utley, Philadelphia Phillies 2B

So this will be the final installment of the in-season rankings for the HVaC. Come next week, we will do a full year review of all the numbers and how the system ranks the players at the end of the year. One week hitters, the next week we will hit up the pitchers and show an integrated top-100 for the end of the year. The post will then head into hibernation as it gets fine tuned and ready for next season. Hopefully you have found it helpful throughout your head-to-head seasons and it aided you in looking at players differently than you might have without it. I maintain that this type of league is different and needs to be managed as such. A tool like this does that and it is here for you. Any advice or comments for next year, please let me know.

Here we go with what you need to know. All numbers are for the last two weeks through games on the 25th.

  • One player this space has been on top of for a while has been Wilin Rosario. Rosario is currently the number two ranked player with a score of 1.73…the best split score we have seen from the Catcher position all season. Rosario is obviously not going to hit .442 for every section of the year, but he has made a strong push since the All-Star break to be considered a top-10 catcher in head-to-head next year.
  • We know that Pablo Sandoval struggled with injuries in each of the last two years, but he has shown the upside that many expected of him when he was drafted in the early rounds of drafts. Sandoval has four home runs and seven runs scored with a .333 average to give him a score of 3.88. That plants him firmly inside the top-10 overall and has him showing up as the second ranked third baseman behind Adrian Beltre.
  • There were two Phillies that had everyone nervous to draft (and a third that scared people off entirely). Chase Utley and Jimmy Rollins have performed admirably of late. Rollins is the top shortstop in this snapshot having hit five home runs and stolen five bases. Adding 16 runs gives Rollins a score of 1.80. Utley has hit .350 while scoring 10 runs. Utley in this stretch is the top second baseman. Neither may be the player they once were, but they are certainly more than what we wanted to give them credit for early on.
  • If we can grow to accept that Pedro Alvarez is going to hit about .240, his other numbers are surprisingly consistent. His three home runs and 12 RBI give him a spot inside the top-40 once again. Fact is that owners do not need him to hit that well from third base. Average can be made up at other spots. Take the power numbers he has shown. Far better year this season than last!
  • There has been plenty written about Nick Swisher lately and his impending free agency. From his splits against lefties to his numbers at Yankee Stadium, there are plenty looking at what he could do next year. This year, he has been a second half star for fantasy owners. While not inside the top-20 as he was in the last split, Swisher’s four home runs and 11 RBI put him inside the top-40 overall. He is a player that needs to be more respected in head-to-head leagues, especially given positional flexibility potential.
  • There are always a few surprise names that show up. One this week is Yonder Alonso. Alonso has been a top-25 player over the last two weeks and has been a key to the overall offense in San Diego. While he gets passed over, this is a player that can be valuable in deeper mixed leagues. Alonso has hit .357 in the last two weeks to go with 12 RBI and two home runs. Not for everyone, but there could be some love for owners this weekend.
  • Several stars could not buy a spot on this list for much of the season. That has turned around for Rickie Weeks and Justin Upton. While Upton has not shown the power many hoped for, his 13 runs scored and .333 average are a big boost. For Weeks, he has given three home runs to go with nine RBI during the playoff push for the Brewers.
  • Some potential upside for owners looking at the rest of the week? Look to Nate McLouth, Chris Nelson, Torii Hunter, Alonso, and Alcides Escobar. All can provide value across categories for many owners needing a final push.

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