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2012 Fantasy Baseball: HVaC Update, June 14th

2012 Fantasy Baseball: HVaC Update, June 14th
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Mike Trout, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim OF

Time for a “fun facts” edition of the HVaC scale. There were times that it would make sense to do some blind resumes over a month or so time frame. In this case we have more than a third of the season gone and many are still waiting for some stars to turn it around. More than that, players that are producing remain on waivers. While it can be hard to let go of some of these players, finding added value for your head-to-head roster is what is the ultimate goal.

Here are some names to know. Some are surprises as to who is ahead or behind them while others are players that are getting too much or too little respect based on name association.

What’s the HVaC? Click on this link for a primer!

All numbers through games on Monday, June 11th.

  • While there should be some relative certainty that Adrian Gonzalez will have a better second half, the fact is that his value-add to a fantasy team is less than that of Paul Goldschmidt, Chris Davis, Freddie Freeman, and Bryan LaHair. Why? This is a power position and Gonzalez’s five home runs are below the positional average of seven. His average is at the mean for First Base and he has fewer RBI than 12 of the top 13 players in the rankings. Definitely a good shot to buy-low, but be careful what you give up as he has shown little to no power since the All-Star break last season.
  • Fantasy owners are starting to notice Kyle Seager, but head-to-head owners need to lead the way. Seager is showing his worth in a position that requires owners to get a lot of power but some additional balance over categories. He has outperformed Alex Rodriguez, Mike Moustakas, Brett Lawrie, and Aramis Ramirez. Seager is not a known name yet, but he is one of only six players at the position to score and drive in 30 runs. Add in five steals and he brings something to a category that can truly help an owner differentiate.
  • People do not want to hear this, but in a head-to-head format, we need to take a harder look at some players. Check out two blind resumes:

Player A: 1HR, 14 RBI, 28 runs, 17 SB, .234 AVG

Player B: 1HR, 13 RBI, 28 runs, 16 SB, .274 AVG

Hard to really see a discernible difference between the two. The average does not even amount to two hits a week and can easily be mitigated over an entire lineup. Player A is Dee Gordon. Player B is Jose Reyes. It is less than a point in the scale. Just sayin’…

  • The world is coming around to what fantasy owners have known for a while. Mike Trout is pretty good. How good? Trout is already a top-ten outfielder that is charging up the scale thanks to his runs scored, steals, and strong average. Power may not be his game, but he already has more home runs than Melky Cabrera and has numbers that are at or better than Michael Bourn’s marks in most categories. Nothing earth-shattering, but worth noting how quickly he has moved to out-perform so many outfielders.
  • Overall, the HVaC does not put much weight on average when compared to other categories. The reason is shown in the Reyes compare up above and the one we see at second base between two players that we would not expect to be so similar. Gordon Beckham still finds himself ranked behind Dustin Pedroia, but not by much. Beckham has more home runs and more RBI. They have scored the same number of runs. The difference pushing Beckham down comes from being down two steals (three to one) and 40 points of average. That difference equates to 12 hits. The season is 10 weeks old. One hit per week. Rest of the season, give me Pedroia. If I need help  at Second Base (Aaron Hill, Rickie Weeks, Neil Walker owners), I would rather grab Beckham to plug a hole
  • Names on the outside of the Top-50: Jed Lowrie (51), Andre Ethier (55), Mark Teixeira (60), Albert Pujols (62), Nelson Cruz (79), Alfonso Soriano (99)

HVaC Top 50, June 14th


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