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2012 Fantasy Baseball: HVaC Update, August 9th

2012 Fantasy Baseball: HVaC Update, August 9th
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Chase Utley, Philadelphia Phillies 2B

It really is amazing what happens every two weeks as we go through the course of a season. Players move up and down more regularly than you might think. It is part of what makes these head-to-head leagues a challenge. Over the course of a season, an owner can rest assured that the top of the stack ranks will perform. In rotisserie scoring, the weekly movements mean very little. But in a matchup over a seven day stretch, one slump can cost an owner a category. It is why developing roster flexibility can be so key. When you look at the top of the rankings this week, you can see why.

With playoffs coming around the corner, owners need to be as aggressive in the final weeks as they were early on in order to grab category wins during each matchup. Everything below is designed to help you find those spots to make moves.

All numbers are through Monday, August 6th and cover the last two weeks.

  • There have been a fair amount of injuries at third base. With Pablo Sandoval and Alex Rodriguez on the DL in addition to players like Kevin Youkilis and Mike Moustakas being in the dreaded day-to-day land, help here could be a difference maker. Look at Chris Johnson for the short-term fix. Johnson’s 3.91 HVaC score is just off of Aramis Ramirez’s 3.31 mark. The difference is largely in one stolen base. Johnson’s five home runs and 14 RBI in the last two weeks make him a viable quick fix.
  • Rare that we see much help in the middle infield, but Josh Rutledge has been making his mark. While largely owned in most formats, where available he needs to be looked at. Though we tend to need steals at shortstop, he has out-performed others so drastically in the power categories that he ranks as the number two player at the position. Rutledge’s six home runs and 10 RBI are accentuated by nine runs scored, a key category for his spot.
  • No doubt that everyone has noticed the resurgence of Albert Pujols, but there are a couple others at First Base that have been able to come around and provide some help as well. Check out Adam LaRoche. His 1.20 score is a near perfect mark at the position, meaning he is across the board putting up the most differential numbers at First Base. With a .423 average, seven home runs, and 17 RBI, it is hard to argue anything else. Paul Goldschmidt is right in the middle of the top-ten as well thanks to four home runs and 10 RBI. Good guys to notice.
  • Raise your hand if you thought Chase Utley would be at the top of any leader board at any point this season. If you have it up, we know who the liars are here. Utley though has been on fire. His four home runs, two steals, and .311 average in the last two weeks put him on top. Second Base though has been struggling. Utley is the only player in the top-15 overall right now. The lack of power production has been surprising. Dan Uggla, Jason Kipnis, and Brandon Phillips all need to find their way as seeing Dustin Ackley and Omar Infante in the top-ten is disconcerting.
  • If there are two streakier players out there than Drew Stubbs and Ryan Ludwick, I have yet to find them. Stubbs is the top-ranked outfielder in the last two weeks, posting five home runs and seven steals to go with a mind-boggling 19 runs scored. Ludwick has hit four home runs and driven in 16 to go with a .386 average. Like the numbers, but not their sustainability. If steals is the need, continue to look to Ben Revere. The Twins outfielder has six steals and a .426 average over a similar stretch and has been performing more evenly across the season. He still checks in as the number 17 outfielder.
  • While we cannot all own the white-hot Buster Posey, there are ways to find numbers behind the plate. Miguel Montero has a 6.47 HVaC score, putting him fourth at the position. His 11 RBI and four home runs would be a valuable option. Ryan Doumit seems to be back in the mix again as well. Doumit produces a steady average and at a.286 with 10 RBI and three home runs, he brings enough to the party to stay relevant.
  • Who should owners watch out for that will fall back? Justin Morneau (6, average not sustainable), Stubbs (3, cold streak follows hot streak), Ackley (19, .208 average is dangerous), Alcides Escobar (38, need runs at Shortstop), Todd Frazier (44, when Votto comes back).
  • Players that may pick it up? Starlin Castro (17, lost at the plate right now), Carl Crawford (41, scoring runs and Red Sox will be running more), Will Middlebrooks (81, still showing average and power is there), Curtis Granderson (84, even he is not a .204 hitter)

Here is how the rest of the top-50 looks:


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