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2012 Fantasy Baseball: HVaC Update, August 23rd

2012 Fantasy Baseball: HVaC Update, August 23rd
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Desmond Jennings, Tampa Bay Rays OF

No sense beating around the bush. We all know what time of year this is. There is plenty of information out there for fantasy owners, but this is where the head-to-head owners are coming to win their weekly matchups. There are new names across the leader board and that creates some opportunity for last minute changes. Check out what you need to know this week.

All numbers cover the last two weeks and are as of August 20th.

  • Todd Frazier is leading the way in the top-50. His 1.41 HVaC score is as close to perfect as we have seen at any interval this season. With four home runs and a .404 average to go with 12 RBI, he is leading third basemen in nearly every major category. There is certainly a question regarding playing time when Joey Votto comes back, but he is hard to sit right now.
  • Have to note the return in power that has come for Adrian Gonzalez. Over the last 15 days, he leads all first basemen with 19 RBI and is second with four home runs. He likely is not around in your league, but take a look at Garrett Jones. Jones has three home runs and 14 RBI to go with a .327 mark. While he has one less home run than Prince Fielder, his other categories are adding far more value. With wide availability, Jones could help teams down the stretch.
  • Color me skeptical on Mark Reynolds. Though we have seen him hit home runs at this rate before, his .350 average over the last week is destined for regression. Reynolds simply strikes out too often to be considered productive in that category. Given that he tore up the Red Sox, it might happen sooner than later. Little doubt in my mind that his 6.65 score and top-ten spot is gone in the next edition.
  • Micro-managing a team can be a challenge, but weekly matchups sometimes necessitate that type of roster flexibility. At second base, Danny Espinosa, Aaron Hill, and Jeff Keppinger are all inside the top-five. Both Brandon Phillips and Ian Kinsler are well outside. Espinosa’s four home runs and .345 mark are strong but his 11 runs (tied for tops at the position) push him into the top spot.
  • Putting emphasis on runs and steals at Shortstop creates some interesting results. The fact that Alcides Escobar is in the top-ten is among them. But take a look – Escobar’s four steals and seven runs with .340 average make him number ten overall. While Derek Jeter brought in two more runs per week than Erick Aybar, Aybar’s four steals vault him into the top spot at shortstop. What about some value for owners that need help? Marco Scutaro is in the top-five with an HVaC score better than Jimmy Rollins, Starlin Castro, and Elvis Andrus in the last two weeks.
  • Remember that guy many of us left for dead a month or two back? Desmond Jennings has been making people pay for that one. Though just outside the top-10 outfielders, Jennings has scored 14 runs in the last 15 days to go with four steals and a .365 average. Would not be a bad guy to own over the next few weeks.
  • There is production to be found inside the top-10 outfielders as well. Check out Ryan Ludwick and David DeJesus. Ludwick’s six home runs are the most at the position and his 12 RBI put him tied for fourth overall. DeJesus is showing plenty of balance right now with 10 runs scored, 10 RBI and a .340 average. His three home runs are a bonus here and not likely something he continues to provide. Even without those, he still is a top-15 outfielder because of the production in the other four categories.
  • We all could use some help behind the plate. Two names showing continued production since the break are Ryan Doumit and…John Jaso? Yes, Jaso has been on fire and is getting enough of the catching duties to be looked at. In fact, both players have three home runs, a .300 average, and six runs scored the last two weeks. Jaso adds nine RBI (seven for Doumit) and a steal. Jaso comes in as the third catcher overall with Doumit 4th.
  • Other places to add value based on some strong production over the last two weeks? Take a look at Zack Cozart, Mike Moustakas, and D.J. LeMahieu. LeMahieu may be more limited, but he will see playing time with Josh Rutledge sidelined over the next few days.

Here is the rest of the top 50

HVaC Hitters Top-50, August 23rd


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