September 20, 2012 posted by Collin Hager

2012 Fantasy Baseball: HVaC Playoff Push

2012 Fantasy Baseball: HVaC Playoff Push
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Ian Kennedy, Diamondbacks SP

Only a week or two remain for many owners as they head into the finals. Here are some hot hands to grab. No Top-50 below, just some of the key players to add to your rosters as we finish out the string.

  • Why are the top pitchers always the top pitchers? Consistency. We have largely seen very similar names at the top of the HVaC leader board throughout the year. While there is a change here and there, the top-10 has been consistent in more than half of the spots all season. Three interesting names for owners this week. Check out Mike Minor and his 3.55 score that puts him number two overall, Homer Bailey (6.10, fifth), and Travis Wood (6.20, sixth) and their numbers in the last two weeks.
  • After being the darling of many rosters last year, Ian Kennedy has not provided the same level of value that he did last season. Over the last two weeks, Kennedy’s two wins and 1.00 WHIP with 2.57 ERA is good enough to give him a spot in the top-10.
  • The Cardinals have received a boost as well. Having Jaime Garcia back has been solid and the way we see Lance Lynn pitching of late has been nice as well. Garcia is inside the top-40 over the last two weeks while Lynn’s two wins and sub-2.00 ERA put him just outside the top-30.
  • It has been mentioned in this space several times, but it bears repeating. Kyle Kendrick has been dominant since the beginning of August. He has remained a top-25 starting pitcher in every way to measure this stretch by the HVaC scores. The help here is huge. Also take a look at Trevor Cahill and his sub-1.00 WHIP and two wins over the last two weeks.
  • Alex Rios has been a top-five performer with an HVaC score of 3.19 over the last 15 days. His mix power, average, and steals has been a huge rebound from last season and is helping keep the White Sox in the race. Anthony Rizzo is plugging along in the top-10 as well with four home runs and 12 RBI in the same stretch. Both are big value-adds this week.
  • The Padres have surprised many. Fantasy owners are already grabbing Chase Headley and with four home runs pushing his score to 4.47 in the last two weeks it would make sense. Do not forget about Logan Forsythe. He could be your Ron Dayne! Forsythe’s average and runs scored in the last two weeks are making him a top-15 add. With Ryan Zimmerman needing another cortisone shot and Forsythe’s eligibility at third base, this is a place to steal some help.
  • With all the focus surrounding Mike Trout, it seems Bryce Harper’s last two weeks are going unnoticed and he has shown up in the top-ten outfielders. Harper’s four home runs, 10 runs scored, and .349 average give him a composite score of 6.36…four points better than Trout in the same stretch.
  • In a deep NL-only league? Look at Chris Nelson out in Colorado. Nelson is the number two second baseman overall in the last two weeks, posting two home runs and nine runs scored to go with a .380 average. With many players falling off, Nelson’s production could be an interesting move here.
  • The catching position is fickle and owners should always be looking for help here. Wilin Rosario, Ryan Doumit, and Jonathan Lucroy are all making major strides and have been inside the top-ten at the position over the last two weeks. Rosario and Lucroy have been strong the bulk of the year while Doumit can go hot and cold. If I need power, Rosario is my answer.

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