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April 7, 2012 posted by Dan Stack

2012 Fantasy Baseball: How to Play FP911 Challenge

2012 Fantasy Baseball: How to Play FP911 Challenge
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Justin Verlander, Detroit Tigers, P

With the advent of Fanduel.com, daily contests have grown exponentially in popularity with many people abandoning traditional yearly leagues for more instant gratification with games at Fanduel, such as the FP911 Challenge.

Well, there is no better way to make some money fast than by taking the challenge and testing your fantasy skills against a vast array of diehards who are all trying to earn a quick buck.

What you do is field a traditional lineup-which consists of a C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, three outfielders and one starting pitcher-within a budget of 35,000 imaginary dollars while competing against hundreds of other players.

The scoring is as follows:

Hitters: 1B = 1pt, 2B = 2pts, 3B = 3pts, HR = 4pts, RBI = 1pt, R = 1pt, BB = 1pt, SB = 2pts,

HBP = 1, Out (calculated as at bats – hits) = -.25pt

Pitchers: W = 5pts, ER = -1pt, SO = 1pt, IP = 1pt*

* Fractional scoring per out.

If your lineup outscores everyone, than you win. What you have to do is figure out who has the best matchups and thus who is due for a big day. Sounds easy don’t it?

Well if it were that easy, everyone would be raking in the cash.  There are some rules to live by and pratfalls to avoid. So, here are some tips to swear by.

Aces up: Try to land a stud pitcher

Any good daily fantasy player knows that a true ace is worth his weight in gold. You almost assuredly know what you’re getting out of a guy like Roy Halladay and Justin Verlander on the day they start.  So, while it could take a good bulk of change to land a quality pitcher, you at least know what you’re getting as opposed to risking it on fringe-type starters. Studs like Halladay and Verlander hardly put up clunkers.

Check the lefty/righty splits

One good strategy to take into account is how a particular hitter does against lefty and righty pitchers. If a preeminent slugger has an astounding success rate or abysmal performance against either lefties or righties, take that into consideration. As it is, it’s difficult to predict when a stud will go off on a particular day, but giving his history splits a gander (check Baseball Reference for a good site)you’ll be better prepared for success.

Always ride the hot hand

Well this tip isn’t all that revelatory, but it’s tried and true. If a player is on a hot streak then don’t be hesitant to ride the hot hand. Always look at a players past 7-10 days of data to see how they’re doing before making any last decisions.

Always check the injury report

This is another tip that comes with a big “duh”! However, injuries open doors, which lead to opportunities. So, always check who will be replacing said injured player as the replacement player could be a very cheap option for your budget. As it stands, you can’t field a lineup of all studs. The budget dictates that you have to take the chance on under-the-radar types and this is where an injury replacement is worth a look.

Trust your gut

You can analyze and comb over stats for hours, but that could just lead to paralysis by analysis. Trust your instincts and give your hunch a chance. The FP911 Challenge is not exact science, so don’t treat it as such.

Throughout the season I will be giving out tips based on more data that comes in as the season progresses. So, good luck and get in on the action at FP911Challenge.com!

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