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May 11, 2012 posted by Dan Stack

2012 Fantasy Baseball: How to Play FP911 Challenge (Week 6 tips)

2012 Fantasy Baseball: How to Play FP911 Challenge (Week 6 tips)
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Robinson Cano, New York Yankees, 2B

With the advent of Fanduel.com, daily contests have grown exponentially in popularity with many people abandoning traditional yearly leagues for more instant gratification with games at Fanduel, such as the FP911 Challenge.

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Well, there is no better way to make some money fast than by taking the challenge and testing your fantasy skills against a vast array of diehards who are all trying to earn a quick buck.

What you do is field a traditional lineup-which consists of a C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, three outfielders and one starting pitcher-all within a budget of 35,000 imaginary dollars while competing against hundreds of other players.

The scoring is as follows:

Hitters: 1B = 1pt, 2B = 2pts, 3B = 3pts, HR = 4pts, RBI = 1pt, R = 1pt, BB = 1pt, SB = 2pts,

HBP = 1, Out (calculated as at bats – hits) = -.25pt

Pitchers: W = 5pts, ER = -1pt, SO = 1pt, IP = 1pt*

* Fractional scoring per out.

If your lineup outscores everyone, than you win. What you have to do is figure out who has the best matchups and thus who is due for a big day. Sounds easy don’t it?

Well if it were that easy, everyone would be raking in the cash.

Here are some tips to consider for this Friday’s DFBC qualifier.

Aces up (pitching roundup):

If you swear by ace pitching-as do I- in these daily contests, here are the best options to pin your hopes on:

Felix Hernandez @ New York Yankees

Gio Gonzalez @ Cincinnati

C.J. Wilson @ Texas

Madison Bumgarner @Arizona

The crimp here is that the above mentioned studs are all pitching on the road, with all of the starters pitching in hitter havens.

So, if you want to go cheap and find some rather under the radar types, here are some decent alternative options:

James McDonald vs. Houston

Vance Worley vs. San Diego

Either Johan Santana (NYM) @ Mark Buehrle (Miami) are solid choices, with Buehrle pitching at home the better pick.

Gavin Floyd vs. Kansas City

Jaime Garcia vs. Atlanta

Chris Capuano vs. Colorado

Checking the injury report:

Yoenis Cespedes will be doubtful for Friday’s game with a hand issue.

Matt Joyce, who sat out Thursday’s game (although pinch hit in the game) with an ankle issue, will be questionable for Friday.

Angel Pagan has a sore hamstring and could be held out of Friday’s game at Arizona.

Yadier Molina could miss Friday’s outing with a sore hand.

While Desmond Jennings continues to pinch hit, he has yet to play in a full game in four days. So approach with caution.

A sore back has been hindering Brett Morel and as a result, he will be iffy for Friday.

Mike Moustakas has a sore hamstring too, but the plan is for him to play again on Friday after receiving two days off with yesterday’s scheduled off day.

Alfonso Soriano has a sore knee and could be held out on Friday.

In case you missed it, the following players have been recently placed on the 15-day DL: Chris Iannetta, Brandon Allen, Endy Chavez, Juan Rivera and Jayson Werth).  Josh Thole is on the 7-day DL with a concussion.

Who’s hot?

Before making any last minute decisions, check out who’s tearing it up.

Carlos Beltran has been smoking the ball and is 7-17 in his last five games with three home runs and nine RBI’s.

There is no containing Jay Bruce lately, as he’s 8-27 in his last seven games with three home runs and six RBI’s.

Rafael Furcal is blistering hot and is now 14-28 in his last seven games to go along with seven runs scored and three stolen bases.

Robinson Cano is heating up and is 11-28 with three home runs and seven RBI’s in his last seven games.

After a lingering illness, Andrew McCutchen is making up for lost time and is now 9 for his last 21 with two home runs (his first of the season) and five RBI’s.

Although his batting average is a paltry .220, Hanley Ramirez finds himself in the zone now, as he is 8-27 in his last six games with two home runs and five RBI’s.

Bryan LaHair continues to defy logic and keeps on mashing. In his last seven games, he is 9-23 with two home runs and three RBI’s.

Josh Hamilton is hot. Duh! Hamilton is riding a ten-game hitting streak while clubbing seven home runs (who could forget his four home run day?) along the way.

Also riding a 10-game hit streak is Hamilton’s buddy in Texas, Elvis Andrus. Andrus is a red-hot 19-42 in those 10 games with five doubles and a whopping 10 runs scored.

Kyle Seager may be a nice cheap option at third base, especially considering the way he’s been playing. Seager is 7-24 with one home run and nine RBI’s in his last seven games.

Kelly Johnson is on one of his hot streaks and is now 7-28 with one home run, four RBI’s, four runs scored while also swiping three stolen bases in his last seven games.

How’s the weather out there?

I learned the hard way that you should always check the weather report before submitting lineups in daily contests, as there is no makeup game in these contests.

Friday’s games in imminent danger of getting rained out (above 50% chance of rain) as per weather.com include:

Los Angeles @ Texas (80% chance of thunderstorms)

So, good luck on putting together a winning team while also raking in the cash.

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