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April 13, 2012 posted by Dan Stack

2012 Fantasy Baseball: How to Play FP911 Challenge (Week 2 tips)

2012 Fantasy Baseball: How to Play FP911 Challenge (Week 2 tips)
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Cliff Lee, Phillies

Cliff Lee, Philadelphia Phillies

With the advent of Fanduel.com, daily contests have grown exponentially in popularity with many people abandoning traditional yearly leagues for more instant gratification with games at Fanduel, such as the FP911 Challenge.

Well, there is no better way to make some money fast than by taking the challenge and testing your fantasy skills against a vast array of diehards who are all trying to earn a quick buck.

What you do is field a traditional lineup-which consists of a C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, three outfielders and one starting pitcher-within a budget of 35,000 imaginary dollars while competing against hundreds of other players.

The scoring is as follows:

Hitters: 1B = 1pt, 2B = 2pts, 3B = 3pts, HR = 4pts, RBI = 1pt, R = 1pt, BB = 1pt, SB = 2pts,

HBP = 1, Out (calculated as at bats – hits) = -.25pt

Pitchers: W = 5pts, ER = -1pt, SO = 1pt, IP = 1pt*

* Fractional scoring per out.

If your lineup outscores everyone, than you win. What you have to do is figure out who has the best matchups and thus who is due for a big day. Sounds easy don’t it?

Well if it were that easy, everyone would be raking in the cash.

Here are some tips to consider for Friday’s DFBC qualifier with more stats to digest.

Ace’s up:

As I said last week, it’s worth the investment to grab a stud pitcher since you usually know what you’re going to get out them. Here are some sure-fire studs to target on Friday:

Cliff Lee vs. the New York Mets (home)

Felix Hernandez vs. the Oakland A’s (home)

Outside of those two, you’d have to rely on second-tier options like a Daniel Hudson (@Colorado), Brandon Morrow (vs. Baltimore) and Jair Jurrjens (vs. Milwaukee). I’d rather go with the aces than taking a chance on the latter.

Checking in on the injury report:

Uber spring training sleeper Lorenzo Cain is now headed to the DL. In his place, the Royals have recalled speedy Jarrod Dyson (.367 batting average, four stolen bases in Triple A). If he is available, he could make for a great cheap option.

Lance Berkman will be out until Tuesday and backup Matt Carpenter could be a good alternate, although he has only two hits in 10 at-bats thus far.

David Wright has a fractured right pinky finger and is very questionable heading into Friday’s game against the Phillies. Between the injury and going up against Lee, avoid using Wright. Although, taking Justin Tuner (who would benefit from his absence) as a cheap option could not be a bad idea.

Brandon Phillips is suffering from a nagging hamstring and will not play on Friday. Wilson Valdez will likely fill in for Phillips and is worth a look.

Cliff Pennington is day-to-day after fouling a ball of his foot on Wednesday.

After missing the first week or so of baseball, Jed Lowrie will return to the Astros’ lineup and could be a cheap option to consider.

Who’s hot?

Before making any last minute decisions, check out who’s scorching the ball

Evan Longoria: 10-21 in six games with one HR, four RBI’s and five runs.

Paul Konerko: 9-20 in five games with five RBI’s

David Freese: 12-28 in seven games with three HR’s and 10 RBI’s

Austin Jackson: 10-23 in six games with four extra base hits.

Carlos Pena: 9-21 in six games with three home runs and eight RBI’s

Josh Willingham: 9-22 in six games with four home runs and seven RBI’s

Andre Ethier: 8-26 in seven games with two home runs and 10 RBI’s

So, good luck on putting together a winning team while also raking in the cash. To check out last week’s primer and general tips to live by click here.

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