March 22, 2012 posted by Collin Hager

2012 Fantasy Baseball – ADP Report, March 21st

2012 Fantasy Baseball – ADP Report, March 21st
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David Wright, New York Mets 3B

While major changes in ADP are not as prevalent as they have been in the last few weeks, the news coming out of camp is having us watch the resulting draft impact on several key players.

Out in Oakland, the A’s have largely decided that Coco Crisp, Josh Reddick, and Yoenis Cespedes will man the outfield. The team has sent their top prospects down to get more playing time and let these three man what could be one of the best defensive outfields in baseball. Cespedes has jumped just four spots in the last two weeks to number 186 overall. He has struggled this spring, posting just three hits in 20 at-bats but certainly has some potential and upside at this mark in a draft. That is even more true if used as an extra outfielder.

The news of the elbow injury suffered by Joakim Soria is already having an effect on his potential replacements. Greg Holland and Aaron Crow have jumped 20 and 40 spots in the last week. Holland would seem to be the more likely selection at this point but owners seem to be hedging their risk across the two pitchers. Crow is moving to the pen for certain, but neither pitcher may end up the closer at the end of the day. Watch Jonathan Broxton as the former Los Angeles closer is likely to be given a chance to win this job as well.

Chase Utley could suddenly become much cheaper to own for an owner that wants that kind of risk and stress in their life. The news that Utley is seeing another specialist and that he could very well miss Opening Day again means a drop in draft stock. Utley has fallen to number 81 overall but that is probably heading further down over the next few weeks. The news that comes out of camp on the stability of the second baseman’s knees will be the major driver, but expect risk averse owners to push him out of mind even if the news is not as bad as may be expected.

Interesting to see the drop in Cody Ross over the last two weeks. Despite the fact that Carl Crawford will not be ready for Opening Day and that it leaves open two outfield spots, Ross has seen himself drop 32 spots to number 326 overall. Manager Bobby Valentine has indicated Ross’ swing could very well be made for left field at Fenway. The outfielder is hitting .455 this Spring and his aggressive style is winning him points. Expect that Ross starts in left field come Opening Day. He is just two years removed from a 24-home run season with Florida and could get to that level again with regular playing time.

Another injury to David Wright has fantasy owners once again running fast in the other direction. While the Mets are looking for Wright to return as soon as this weekend, there is rightfully a concern that the issues of last season will plague him again this year. With just ten games remaining before the start of the season, his ability to get back on the field quickly will determine whether he can get ready for the opener. Wright has fallen four spots to number 36 overall in the last two weeks. Not a major change, but we are looking at a player that needs to be drafted early and presents a decent risk for an owner willing to take that chance.


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